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The Master's Program in Learning and Organizational Change attract students from diverse professional backgrounds and career stages.

All MSLOC students are experienced professionals (median years of experience is 10) drawing on professional experiences at companies such as Google, Hyatt, Disney, Kraft, Boeing and more.

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Current Field

* Self-reported industry category and professional field of incoming students 2012-2014.


Student Profiles

Andrea Weinfurter

Andee Weinfurter

Andee Weinfurter is a full time student looking to transition careers from marketing into change management. "MSLOC provides an opportunity to create your own line of focus; I was drawn towards the flexibility that the program offers students to shape their experience with the Capstone project, electives and internships. You have the power to shape your own education."
Kevin Schnieders

Kevin Schnieders

Kevin Schnieders is CEO at EDSI, a training and consulting firm in Michigan that helps people and companies in transition. He attends MSLOC courses following the hybrid schedule option (part distance learning, part on-campus). "The interaction with the MSLOC community has absolutely been the most fun. I’m blown away by the support and encouragement that we receive from the staff, the professors and my fellow students. The strength of the MSLOC community cannot be overstated."
Jinny Strand

Jinny Strand

Jinny Strand is Director of Learning & Development for a global consulting firm. "This degree is going to enable me to bring leading edge thinking in my field to my current and future clients. I was applying content that I learned in the program within the first few weeks to my current role. This degree is absolutely relevant to my field."
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