Computational Thinking and Computer Science K-12

Computational Thinking and Computer Science K-12

MSED computational thinking and literacy

Computational thinking is a valuable tool for teachers to support learning in classrooms of all levels and disciplines. This Certificate of Advanced Study sequence, designed by learning scientists Paula Hooper and Uri Wilensky, provides teachers with methods and subject-matter connections for computer science and coding ideas. Four courses are required to complete the Certificate of Advanced Study, including the required Foundations course plus three additional courses in the strand. This is a Northwestern University certificate program; it does not lead to licensure or endorsements from the Illinois State Board of Education.


  • Corey Brady

    Corey Brady

    Collegiate and industry leader in computational modeling constructivism in math and science classrooms.

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  • Uri Wilensky

    Uri Wilensky

    Nationally recognized researcher of computer-based modeling and simulation languages.

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  • Paula Hooper

    Paula Hooper

    National leader in STEM professional development using constructionist and inquiry-based approaches.

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Must take Foundations plus three additional courses in strand.


Summer Intensive

Summer 2019 dates TBD

9 a.m.- 3 p.m.

Evanston Campus

Foundations of Computational Thinking

This course introduces the concept of computational thinking as an essential literacy for students to succeed in today’s society. We will grapple with the theoretical construct of computational thinking, examine several computational tools, and engage in concrete applications of the ideas of computational thinking, including a project that will exemplify computational thinking in schools today.

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