Jim Knight Instructional Coaching Intensive Training 2018-19

Jim Knight Instructional Coaching Intensive Training 2018-19

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In this yearlong Institute, Jim provides what he and others have learned about successful coaches, coaching and coaching programs. First session of the series is on November 29, 2018.

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Jim Knight Intensive Instructional Coaching Training 2018-2019

For more than 20 years, Jim Knight and his colleagues have been studying instructional coaching. Each session in the six-day workshop covers one aspect of effective coaching.


Better Conversations (Part One)

November 29, 2018

To be effective, coaches need to be excellent communicators. In this session, you'll learn about and practice the Better Conversation Beliefs and Habits, described in the books Better Conversations and the Better Conversations Reflection Guide. Participants will study how effective coaches communicate and what coaches can do to learn and master those habits and beliefs.

The Impact Cycle

November 30, 2018

In this session, participants will learn the essential elements of the coaching cycle described in the book, The Impact Cycle. Specifically, participants will learn how to help teachers draw a clear picture of reality, identify a goal, and create a strategy to reach it. Additionally, participants will learn how to precisely describe teaching strategies, six different ways to model strategies, and how to partner with teachers to make adaptations until goals are met. Coaches will also be introduced to a set of questions that they can use as they, and their partnering teachers, move through The Impact Cycle.

Instructional Coaching for Positive Classrooms

December 17, 2018

Students won’t flourish in settings where inappropriate student behavior interferes their ability to learn. For this reason, in some cases student behavior has to be addressed before any other teaching strategies are implemented. In this session, participants will learn how to gather data on a variety of student behaviors. Additionally, participants will learn about six teaching strategies from High-Impact Instruction that will help any teachers create learner-friendly settings for learning in their classrooms.

Instructional Coaching to Increase Student Engagement

February 8, 2019

One of the main goals teachers set when they partner with coaches is to increase student engagement. In this session, participants will learn how a number of different ways to define engagement, methods for assessing engagement, and five teaching strategies from High-Impact Instruction that teachers can implement to increase engagement. Additionally, participants will learn how to use video as a power tool for learning in coaching.

Instructional Coaching to Increase Student Achievement

March 15, 2019

Most likely every instructional coach will partner with teachers to increase student achievement, so learning how to measure achievement and monitor student learning and growth is essential for effective coaching. In this session, participants will learn how to integrate the Content Planning and Formative Assessment teaching strategies from High-Impact Instruction into coaching to increase achievement. Participants will also learn about how teachers can employ Learning Maps, also described in High-Impact Instruction.

Better Leaders

April 26, 2019

This session is designed to help anyone become very clear on what they are to do and how they are to do it. The session will provide participants with a variety of opportunities to identify their immediate and long-term goals, the road blocks they face, and the strategies they can use to get around those roadblocks. Participants will learn how to decode the cultures of different schools, the importance of confronting reality, and the partnership principles that stand at the heart of this approach known as Better Leading. Most importantly, perhaps, this session will provide participants with specific strategies they can implement to take care of themselves as they do the important and hard work of partnering with others.

  • Registered teams of 3 or more may be selected for additional training.

    A designated leader, or Coaching Champion, may be selected to participate in an additional day of training, December 11, 2018.

  • Coaching Champions will lunch together with Jim during each session.

    This conversation will provide additional training and support.

Materials Included with Registration

  • Better Conversations Book and Reflection Guide
  • High Impact Instruction Book
  • Focus on Teaching Book
  • Coaching for Student Engagement Workbook
  • Coaching for Student Achievement Workbook


“During these series of workshops, I improved my knowledge of the instructional coaching cycle, learned about change in organizations, and how to be a better communicator. Our whole team was able to attend the sessions together which was the perfect opportunity to discuss next steps for the implementation of our program. Jim's workshops are the best I have attended! ”

– Sharon Sheehan, Instructional Coach, Glenbrook South High School

“The Jim Knight Intensive, has been one of the most impactful professional development opportunities of my career. There was no guess work involved in understanding or implementing the material because Jim was always so accessible. I have never been able to work so closely with the author of the very material I am reading about and trying to implement. If my team had questions or needed feedback we knew we would get it straight from Jim. You can’t beat this type of support. Our monthly meetings ensured that we didn’t just put the information on the shelf. We were held accountable for implementation which is critical when we all have other things demanding our attention.”

– Kellie Easton, Instructional Support Specialist, Hammond, Indiana

“This has been an excellent professional development opportunity. Jim exemplified the approaches and strategies he taught. The time for reflection and networking were refreshing. The application of the concepts across so many settings made all of the topics even more relevant. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to take deep dive into this work. The setting was very comfortable and conveniently located. Thank you!”

– Lisa Murphy, Department Chair, Highland Park High School

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Contact our ECN Coordinators Alison Gordon (alison.gordon@northwestern.edu) or Sharon Sheehan (sharon.sheehan@northwestern.edu).

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