NU-TEACH - Alternative Certification Program

A Letter from the Director

Dear Teachers,

After 16 years of phenomenal success, the NU-TEACH Alternative Teacher Certification Program ended effective June 30, 2013.

The end of NU-TEACH is a bittersweet time for me; yet, I am buoyed by the tremendous successes of the 850 teachers who completed the program. Our record is quite compelling.

As founding director and co-creator of the program, I want to take this opportunity to thank you, and to reflect on your accomplishments. Over the years, many of you have become educational leaders, earned National Board Certification, received numerous national and regional awards and honors; and perhaps most notably, the overwhelming majority of you are highly effective teachers who continue to make a difference in education. Yours is a nationally significant and impressive achievement. Included among you are two Presidential Award winners in mathematics, 12 Golden Apple Award winners and Golden Apple Teachers of Distinction, Siemens and Intel Prize winners, and recipients of university fellowships. Others have become researchers and professors of education.

Most importantly, you can be proud that you are having profoundly positive effects on thousands of students, hundreds of schools, and the larger society. The Northwestern community, our partner organizations and I honor you for your outstanding contributions.

Thank you for being the power of one: changing the world one school at a time, one classroom at a time, one student at a time. You are an invaluable resource, and I know your contributions to the profession will continue.

Teaching is truly a noble profession!

Zackary Ruelas (Cohort 9, 2006-07; Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2012) gives voice to what many have expressed...

Every day I wake up knowing what I was meant to do with my life. I'm confident in who I am and my abilities. And I thank NU-TEACH for that realization. I know I am making a difference in students' lives. But more importantly, I know that I was prepared to change lives effectively. The NU-TEACH program pushed teachers to think critically about their craft, plan lessons creatively, and build professional relationships with other talented educators. NU-TEACH was simply top-notch instruction and preparation for the next generation of educator.

I wish you every success.

With deep appreciation,

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