Welcome, Northwestern alumnus!

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As a graduate of the Learning and Organizational Change, Corporate Training and Development or Organizational Development and Workplace Learning (ODWL) program, you are an invaluable part of the MSLOC community. We value the expertise you have gained from your experiences as a practicing professional, testing and extending the learning and knowledge you obtained from your graduate program experiences. We invite you to stay connected, share your expertise with your colleagues — past and present — and to benefit from being an active Northwestern community member. What follows are descriptions of some of the many ways you can connect with us.

Stay Connected

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To take advantage of membership in a strong professional and social network, join the Master of Science in Learning and Organizational Change group on LinkedIn. Think of it as an electronic, two-way bulletin board — a virtual place where alumni, students, faculty and staff can come together to learn about events, job opportunities, continuing education, backgrounds and interests of colleagues, and many other resources to support your career and personal aspirations.

The other LinkedIn group we strongly encourage you to be a part of is the CLOC LinkedIn group. Note that this group is open to anyone who is interested in connecting with a community of practice that is interested in sharing knowledge about organizational issues.
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Follow us on Facebook by liking the MSLOC Facebook page. Stay up to date on social activities and events that take place within the MSLOC community.
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Subscribe to The Knowledge Lens, the CLOC blog site, to stay abreast on the latest buzz in the world on design, knowledge management, learning and development, and change management among other topics. If you are an avid blogger, a closet scribe or just an LOC aficionado – this is the apt forum for you to let your creative juices flow and contribute to the ongoing discussions.

Build your network by attending our Innovator Series Lectures, annual conferences, and other MSLOC and CLOC community events. Join us in facilitating the MSLOC Annual Retreat for new students and get involved in nurturing and mentoring MSLOC's future alumni.

Tap into the expertise of students, faculty and fellow grads

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Our talented students are always looking for opportunities to apply their expertise in an organizational setting. If you have a project that can benefit from fresh thinking and dedicated focus, get in touch with us to set up a practicum partnership with the Center for Learning & Organizational Change (CLOC). Learn more about becoming an organizational partner and setting up a practicum here.

Our enterprising students are also on the lookout for internships and full-time jobs that will provide them the real-world experience they desire to complement the classroom theories and concepts they are picking up.

Contact us at if you wish to hire a fellow MSLOCer for an internship or a full-time role.

Give back to school

If there is something you would like to do for the MSLOC Program as a token of your appreciation, please feel free to get in touch with us with ideas. The program has grown exponentially in the last few years, and we appreciate every bit of support we get from our fantastic and supporting alumni community.

Please feel free to e-mail us at with your thoughts.

What else can we do to keep you connected?

For more information or to let us know how we can help you, reach us at or 847/491-7376.
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