Our Approach

MSLOC: We provide an innovative curriculum and an intensive student experience
We provide an innovative curriculum and an intensive student experience that integrates the theories and practices of learning and performance, strategy and knowledge, and strategic organizational change.

We believe that, regardless of what industry or enterprise you work in or what role you perform in your organization, you can use these three arenas of expertise to drive beneficial change. They are primary drivers for strategies centered on improvement as well as innovation.

Learning and Performance

By understanding how adults learn in complex social situations, you can design work environments and holistic strategies to foster learning and growth. Concepts, theories and methods involved in the study of cognition, psychology, organizational behavior and education form the foundation for the development of learning systems that extend far beyond the classroom. Approaches that include mentoring, action learning, communities-of-practice and social networks are only some of the emergent practices that have redefined traditional "training and development" functions and offerings, fostering instead the construction of "talent management" systems.

Strategy and Knowledge

Organizational knowledge both informs and enables strategy. Examining how knowledge is created and shared will provide you with insights into how organizations can better leverage their collective expertise to create and implement organizational and functional strategies. You will learn how to assess an organization's strategic plans and planning process and to design functional strategies that align with organizational goals. You will also learn how to leverage emergent technologies to design solutions to enable key components of an organization's strategy.

Strategic Change

Successful transformation requires knowledge of how individuals and groups respond to change. You will learn how organizations and communities design and sustain effective change and, in particular, the role knowledge plays in recognizing the need for change at organizational, group and individual levels. Our program covers the stages of change assessment, intervention and evaluation.
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