Our Community

Our Students
Our Students
"The degree offers a unique curriculum that focuses on the human side of business while rooted in education and learning," says April Bowman. With a background in the education sector, she finds the MSLOC program to be a perfect fit for her future goals and aspirations.
Our Faculty
Our Faculty and Advisors
MSLOC faculty and advisors possess advanced degrees and share their "real-world" perspectives with you, gained from years of relevant work experience. They have made significant contributions to their respective fields as leaders, consultants and researchers.
Our Alumni
Our Alumni
MSLOC alumni advance to management and executive-level positions in organizations across sectors and industries, including not-for-profit organizations and the field of education.
Center for Connected Learning
Our Partnerships
The Center for Learning & Organizational Change (CLOC) at Northwestern University is affiliated with the MSLOC Program, and was created to be the premier resource for organizational leaders who are interested in creating value. Using MSLOC principles, these leaders drive innovation to ensure sustainability for their organizations.
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