Eshna Nambiar

Eshna Nambiar
At a global professional services consulting firm, Eshna Nambiar worked as an organization and talent consultant across a variety of industries. Now as a full-time student in the MSLOC program, she is focused on looking for career opportunities in fields such as learning and talent development, and executive search. She has a BS in communication studies from the University of Texas at Austin.



I was recruited by Deloitte Consulting LLP right out of undergrad and spent three years in the human capital division. While I loved the work I was doing, I found that I was having a difficult time understanding why we were implementing certain strategies. I really wanted to expand my knowledge of the theories behind various learning and organizational change techniques. I also find the MSLOC program to be extremely rigorous and made up of of impressive faculty and alumni.


Strategic Fit

I am a career changer looking to move from consulting in to industry. My hope is that this program will help me to understand what it is that I want to focus on and how to get there. I also plan to utilize the impressive network of current and past MSLOCers in my search for a new career.


Key Takeaways

Even after just one quarter in the program, I am starting to realize how important it is to have a good grasp of the theory behind a concept. It’s not enough to understand how to implement a new model or methodology — it’s even more important to understand WHY you are implementing it. I know that when this program is done and I am back in the working world, I will be very careful to understand the rationale behind any strategy decision, before I actually implement it.


Life as a Student

I really enjoy hearing my MSLOC colleagues’ stories, both personal and professional. Since my career experience is on the lighter side, I learn a lot just from listening to lessons that my colleagues have learned over the course of their careers. I also really enjoy spending time with them in social settings and understanding why they are passionate about this program and what drives them to succeed.


Outside the Classroom

I love spending my time reading, mostly fiction but also the occasional academic article. I am a gym fanatic and really enjoy group classes such as zumba and spin. Passionate about traveling, I particularly enjoy visiting exotic countries that most people have not been to.

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