Part-Time Alternative

The part-time alternative schedule choice is a great option if you live outside the Chicago area or if you live locally but your work or personal schedule precludes attending regular weekly evening classes. The alternative schedule option combines distance learning with on-campus classroom meetings delivered in full-day sessions over consecutive days. Each on-campus session is between two and six days in duration. In the alternative schedule option:

  • Your program entry will begin in September (fall quarter), January (winter quarter) or March (spring quarter). 
  • Course work begins at the start of each academic quarter, typically with distance learning (e.g., virtual class meetings and self-directed learning).
  • Core courses, MSLOC electives and degree requirements are the same as full-time and part-time evening options,
  • You may take MSLOC core and elective classes individually or in pairs (see sample alternative schedule program plans),
  • You will join full-time and part-time evening students in some courses,
  • A typical alternative schedule course load allows you to complete degree requirements in two years and nine months.

Note: The part-time alternative schedule option is currently limited to applicants who live in the Pacific, Mountain, Central or Eastern time zones during the course of their studies at MSLOC. International applicants who live outside of these time zones should consider our full-time program option. Applicants who currently live within the four time zones but whose career may require international assignments or relocation should speak with an MSLOC program advisor prior to considering application under this schedule option.

Want more details?

  • The MSLOC Course Schedule shows which courses are offered each quarter as well as on-site and virtual class session dates.
  • The Alternative Schedule Sample Program Plan shows one possible plan for progressing through the program one course at a time, starting in fall quarter. Contact to request other program plans (i.e., starting the program in winter or spring quarter).
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