Faculty News

Grants and Awards
Daniel C. Edelson, Toyota USA Foundation, WorldWatcher Project ($260,000); DuPont Corporation, WorldWatcher Project ($10,000).

Louis M. Gomez, MacArthur Foundation, Stanford University, "MacArthur Technology Initiative: Research Network on Teaching and Learning" ($126,054).

G. Alfred Hess Jr., Renaissance Learning Inc., "Evaluating the Renaissance Learning Program at Revere Elementary School" ($49,500).

David E. Kanter, National Science Foundation, "Developing teacher leaders in science: Profession development for the 'I, Bio' Curriculum" ($49,937).

Dan A. Lewis, Joyce Foundation, Illinois Families Study ($250,000).

Paula Olszewski-Kubilius, Malone Foundation, Civic Education Project ($70,000); Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, Young Scholars Program ($190,259).

Brian J. Reiser and Daniel C. Edelson, National Science Foundation, Center for Curriculum Materials in Science ($2.5 million).

James E. Rosenbaum, Spencer Foundation, "Mechanisms for improving labor market entry of disadvantaged students in community colleges" ($400,000).

Miriam Gamoran Sherin, Kappa Delta Pi/AERA Division K Award for early career achievements in research on teaching and teacher education.

James P. Spillane, Fulbright Distinguished American Scholar Award from the New Zealand Fulbright Committee for a lecture tour in New Zealand on distributed leadership. Spillane will be a visiting scholar at the National College of School Leadership in England in June.

Honors and Appointments
Greg J. Duncan was honored by the Institute for Scientific Information as a "Highly Cited Researcher."

James E. Rosenbaum has been appointed by Arne Duncan, CEO of the Chicago Public Schools, to a task force to advise him on policies to improve students' post secondary careers. He spoke to Chicago Mayor Daley's staff on "Education and workforce issues" and to the U.S. Congress on special education.

Publications and Presentations
Emma K. Adam, "Cortisol activity in the everyday lives of working parents," B. Schneider and L. Waite (Eds.), Families Working: Time Apart, Time Together (2002); Adam and P. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, "Home sweet home(s): Parental separations, residential moves and adjustment in low-income adolescent girls," Developmental Psychology (2002).

P. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, "Welfare, children and families: A three-city study," Science, March 7. Results of the $20 million study suggests that at least in the short run and during good economic times, children in low-income families are not harmed, on average, when their mothers leave welfare or move into the workforce. The study also reports some evidence that mothers' entry into the labor force was related to improvements in adolescents' mental health, while exists from empl