Inquiry Fall 2004: SESP Programs Through the Eyes of Students and Alumni

Accept the Challenge: It's Up to You to Change the World
Llike others before him, Eric Fingerman found out that SESP offers not only training for teachers, but also opportunities for a wide range of studies and experiences that extend beyond the classroom
Lisa Stein
Study Abroad: A Global Perspective
Like the other schools at Northwestern, SESP has also experienced growing numbers of students studying abroad each year. From nine students in 1998-00 to nearly 30 in recent years, more and more are finding the experience vital to their education
School News
Marilyn Sherman
Inquiry: For Teachers Asking Good Questions Is as Important as Learning the Answers
This summer's 20th anniversary celebration of the Master of Science in Education Program (MSEd) emphasized the key to teacher education at Northwestern: Inquiry
Leanne Star
Scientists on the Go - Led by Education Alumni Mentors
Fun, learning and real-life science exploration are all part of the Summer Scientists experience, which aims to encourage budding scientists to broaden their horizons.
Jen Aronoff
Learning About Learning: Master's Program Takes Students Beyond The Classroom
As a content developer at the Art Institute in Chicago designing an online art education resource for teachers, Hersher, draws on the knowledge of learning environments she gained through the LS program
Lee Prater Yost
Out of the Ivory Tower and into the Trenches of Education Reform
No one could ever accuse Penny Bender Sebring of conducting esoteric research holed up in an ivory tower. On the contrary, Sebring (PhD85) and her colleagues at the Consortium on Chicago School Research work hard to ensure that their research is relevant and useful.
Katharine Duke
Message From The Dean
Penelope Peterson