Message From The Dean


The tantalizing smell of smoke, the delicious crunch of leaves underfoot, the energizing tingle in the air . . . Remember those student days when your senses recognized it was time to go back to school?

In this - our "back to school" issue of Inquiry, we reprise some of those experiences for you from the perspectives of our current students. You will learn why so many undergraduates transfer into our School and why our innovative masters' programs attract students who want to improve the learning of all students - not only in school but out in the world - through art galleries, museums and community organizations. You will learn about the amazing achievements of our current students and also the striking successes of our outstanding alumni. You will learn about a new doctoral program that we are developing with other Northwestern disciplines to improve the evidence base for education policy and practice.

We hope that this journey with our students through their hallmark experiences in our School will bring back your own special memories of favorite teachers, challenging projects, life-changing events - and all that is Northwestern.

If you have such memories, please feel free to share them with us. We'd love to hear from you by snail- or e-mail!

By Penelope Peterson