Faculty News

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The Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling personnel gave a panel presentation at the April meeting of the American Educational Research Association.

Alllan Collins gave an invited talk at the Stanford Center for Innovation in Learning in January.

G. Alfred Hess Jr. presented a report on Reading Achievement to the Board of Education of the North School District 112 in Highland Park (Ill.) in March. He is also one of two keynote speakers at the May 17 Chicago Historical Society program on the Impact of Brown v. Board of Education on its 50th Anniversary. At the April AERA meeting he presented "Standards, Standardization and Urban School Improvement," and he spoke on "examining an Urban District's Finances for Compensatory Effects" at the American Education Finance Association's annual meeting.

Dan P. McAdams was featured on WGN's news in February discussing his research in personality and narratives.

Uri J. Wilensky gave the plenary address at the May International Conference on Complex Systems. AWARDS AND HONORS</</system-xml>