Inquiry Spring 2004: Project-based learning

Message From the Dean
Penelope Peterson
Modeling Experience: A Key to Understanding
The more Uri Wilensky thought about computers as educational tools, the more he saw their potential to help students comprehend important scientific as well as mathematical concepts.
Lisa Stein
From Page to Screen: Moviemaking Enhances Literacy
The students' highly sophisticated rendering of Poe's dense, descriptive language showed an understanding of complex literature not often found in a large urban high school.
Lee Prater Yost
SESP Faculty and Project-Based Learning
SESP's Learning Sciences faculty are well on the way to the goal line for project-based learning in science: producting educational materials that allow students to study science the way real-life scientists do and to make their own discoveries rather than memorizing dull facts.
Student News
Jen Aronoff
Mary Ludgin: From the Classroom ToThe Boardroom, A Lesson In Problem Solving
As a managing director of Heitman, a leading real estate investment firm, Mary Ludgin spends her working life in the Chicago Loop, a world of tall buildings and high finance. When Ludgin arrived at Northwestern in the summer of 1978, however, she envisioned her future in a far different setting - the classroom
Jen Aronoff
Student Profile: Dianna English, A Voice For Community
Dianna English is 21 years old and about to graduate from Northwestern. You could say she has her whole life in front of her - and at the same time, she already has spent a lifetime working for social justice
Jen Aronoff