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SESP Assists with Lincoln Park Zoo Pond Project
With software developed by SESP, about 40 schools are gathering data and shaping learning modules for a new pond area at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo.

In preparation for the renovation of South Pond in the coming years, these schools are assessing the condition of the pond for the Zoo. To map and analyze the scientific data they gather, students use My World GIS, developed by the Geographic Data in Education (GEODE) Initiative under the direction of SESP professorDaniel Edelson. SESP is also providing professional development for teachers involved in the pond project.

"This is a unique project in that it's a real-world application," says SESP research associate professor Kemi Jona. "Students can use My World to learn about biology and ecosystems in the context of South Pond."

PHOTO: Graduate student Liza Pono and research analyst Matt Rossi display SESP software for a renovation project at Lincoln Park Zoo that involves 40 schools. PHOTO BY MARILYN SHERMAN

Jacquelynne Eccles Presents Neugarten Lecture
Jacquelynne S. Eccles presented the second annual Bernice Neugarten Memorial Lecture, "Where Do I Go From Here? Motivated Choices Across the Life Span." Her May 19 talk touched on topics including why males and females make different choices and why people's choices differ across a life span.

According to Eccles's research, life choices are influenced by factors such as expectation of success, perception of a task's value, one's ability and the task's difficulty. "Goals change in response to major life changes," she said, adding, "Gender roles set the stage differently." One of her research findings was that students who like working with people are less likely to choose math, engineering or physical science courses and more likely to opt for biology.

Eccles, the McKeachie Collegiate Professor of Psychology at the University of Michigan, has conducted award-winning research on topics ranging from gender- role socialization to classroom influences on motivation. She chaired the MacArthur Foundation Network on Successful Pathways through Middle Childhood and was president of the Society for Research on Adolescence.

The lecture series is presented in honor of the late Bernice L. Neugarten, a pioneer in human development and gerontology, and is funded
By Marilyn Sherman