Faculty News

Emma K. Adam, William T. Grant Foundation, "Qualitative Coding of Diary Reports over the Transition to Adulthood" ($22,518).

Daniel Edelson, National Science Foundation and University of Maryland, "Inquiring with GIS (I- GIS) Project: A Partnership Between Scientists and Educators" ($154,004).

Louis Gomez, Chicago Public Schools, "Clemente Small School Development Project" ($85,000); National Science Foundation, "Understanding the Connection Between Reading and Science Achievement and Reading Achievement" ($1,279,143); Gomez and Ann McKenna, GE Foundation McCormick Award, "Building Capacity to Support Rigorous and Sustained Math Thinking" ($500,000).

John P. Kretzmann, W. K. Kellogg Foundation, "Integrating ABCD Principles into Grant Making Practices, Parts I and II: Customizing a Guide to Assessing Community and Organizational Assets" ($100,000).

Paula Olszewski-Kubilius, Jack Kent Cooke Foundation's Innovation Fund, "Launch into Verbal Excellence (LIVE) Program" ($198,576); Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation, "Civic Education Project" ($30,000); Malone Family Foundation, "National Expansion of the Civic Leadership Institute" ($105,000).

Penelope Peterson and James Spillane, Carnegie Corporation of New York, "Northwestern University Educational Leadership Collaboratory, Phase II" ($300,000); Spillane, Searle Family Foundation, "Educational Exc