Inquiry Fall 2006: Education Policy

Teacher Quality: Making the Grade
″There's a push right now to identify what makes a good teacher, and one of the ways to do that is to look at the types of teacher preparation they receive,″ assistant professor Michelle Reininger says of the Teacher Pathways Study.
Lisa Stein
Charter Schools Aspire to Excellence
SESP faculty, advisory board chair see promise in charter schools as educational laboratories.
Ed Finkel
Student Profile: Natalia Palacios: In Search of Understanding Immigrants' Early Learning
Fourth-year doctoral student Natalia Palacios does research on immigrant children's early learning, an area that she sees as having major policy implications.
Marilyn Sherman
Susan Fuhrman, Education Policy Expert and President of Teachers College
Pragmatism propelled Susan Fuhrman (MA66, BA65) into a career in education 40 years ago, and today she is nationally known for that same trait.
Audra Nelson
Message from the Dean
Penelope Peterson
Toward Evidence-Based Education Policy
Basing policy on scientific evidence could transform the field of education — and improve children's learning. SESP professors Larry Hedges, Greg Duncan and Thomas Cook presented the latest and best education research on children's achievement at a policy briefing on May 19 in Washington, D.C.
Marilyn Sherman
Adjunct Instructors Draw on Career Experiences
Adjunct instructors play a vital role in SESP since their professional experience provides important learning opportunities. Meet four veteran adjunct instructors, Nancy Remley, Jerry Stermer, Dorie Blesoff and Carol Gaetjens.