Inquiry Spring 2006: Connecting to the Sciences

Revitalizing Science Education from the Ground Up
A new Chicago Public Schools grant enables SESP professor Daniel Edelson to expand inquiry-based environmental science curriculum to three-year sequence of science courses.
Ed Finkel
Cells to Society
Why Is All Health Not Created Equal? A Story of Cells to Society
Lisa Stein
Nano-knowledge: Big Issues with Small Science
Professor Dan Lewis studies how to help the public understand and accept the new science of nanotechnology.
Marilyn Sherman
Fred Hess Led the Way in School Reform
When the path toward school reform was rockiest, professor G. Alfred Hess Jr. led the way.
Marilyn Sherman
Ravit Golan Duncan Sets Her Sights on Science Education
Ravit Golan Duncan (PhD05) started her education career training Israeli soldiers, but now she's arming college students with the tools they need to teach science.
Marilyn Sherman
Message From The Dean
Penelope Peterson
Class Confronts 'What Is Science?' with Intelligent Design Trial
One School of Education and Social Policy class tackled the complex question of what constitutes science when it held a mock Supreme Court trial for the nation's first case challenging the teaching of intelligent design.
Marilyn Sherman with photos by Mark Swindle