Inquiry Fall 2007: Adolescence

Message from the Dean
Adolescence is a time of transition as kids move from childhood to young adulthood. During this time, educators and parents face particular opportunities and challenges in working with youth.
Penelope Peterson
Alumni News
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Adolescence is an in-between time when children are developing the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes that that they will need as an adult. But in the 21st century, adolescence is different than it was in earlier times.
Marilyn Sherman
Blogging through Adolescence: Digital Communication with a Global Spin
As digital technology permeates the world of adolescence, Eva Lam discovers the impact on immigrant adolescents who communicate worldwide.
Marilyn Sherman with photos by Robb Hill
Beyond Urban Classrooms: Supporting Positive Adolescent Development
Faculty members Barton Hirsch and Jelani Mandara seek to smooth the way for urban adolescents by investigating after-school career development and effective parenting.
Lisa Stein
Raising the Bar for Middle-School Science
Professor Brian Reiser shows how adolescents can learn science more effectively with an inquiry approach and a carefully sequenced curriculum based on real-world mysteries.
Marilyn Sherman
School News
Marilyn Sherman
Katie White: Focusing on Adolescents and Civic Engagement
Before Katie Weitz White became a doctoral student in the Human Development and Social Policy Program (HDSP), she taught middle schoolers in Chicago's Henry Horner housing project. Even in her mathematics curriculum, she encouraged her students to think about social issues. And today her work continues to focus on the civic engagement of adolescents living in poverty.
Marilyn Sherman with photo by Andrew Campbell
El Da' Sheon Nix Guides Adolescents 'at a Fork in the Road'
A record-breaking high school athlete whose promising football career was cut short at Northwestern, Ohio native El Da' Sheon Nix (BS04) now works closely with adolescents, using lessons he learned both on the playing field and at SESP.
Anne Taubeneck with photo by Ben Shapiro