Inquiry Spring 2007: Innovation

Message from the Dean
Penelope Peterson
Student Profile: Jamie Bagliebter, Jen Leyton: Crossing Cultures with Dialogue
Sustained dialogue combats stereotypes and separatism. With this notion, two SESP honors students founded an innovative organization at Northwestern last fall. Seniors Jen Leyton and Jamie Bagliebter started Bridging the Gap to span the divide between disparate groups on campus
Marilyn Sherman with photos by Ben Shapiro
The Right Moves: Research-Based Innovation in Housing Policy
Over 15 years, HDSP faculty have examined how housing policies affect poor families, using both in-depth interviews and statistical survey data. Their research continues today, and they continue to learn new lessons that shape the housing policy innovations of the future
Marilyn Sherman
Rewiring Undergraduate and Middle School Science Courses: Innovation with Agent-Based Modeling
After doctoral student Paulo Blikstein calculated that undergraduate engineering students were hit with an equation every one and a half minutes, he and his adviser, learning sciences associate professor Uri Wilensky, decided that there was a better way to learn the subject — and to learn it with deeper understanding.
Marilyn Sherman
Tracking Texts: Designing Innovations to Enhance Reading Comprehension
SESP faculty have developed fresh, innovative approaches designed to improve middle and high school students' reading skills and comprehension of texts, which are the cornerstone of academic inquiry.
Lisa Stein
Shadd Maruna Breaks New Ground Studying Prisoner Reform
To hear Shadd Maruna (PhD93) talk about his groundbreaking research and first book, Making Good: How Ex-Convicts Reform and Rebuild Their Lives, one would never know that it was touted as ″the most outstanding contribution to criminology in 2001.″
Katharine Duke
The Learning Society
The Learning Society consists of alumni and friends whose leadership and generosity in annual giving provide vital support to the School of Education and Social Policy.