Inquiry Fall 2008: The Future of Children in This Election Year and Beyond

Education Reform That Won't Be Left Behind
Professors David Figlio and Larry Hedges, two experts on No Child Left Behind, advocate fixing the flaws in this important reform effort.
Jennifer Beck
Promises and Priorities: New Hope for Children in Poverty
According to SESP professors Greg Duncan and Louis Gomez, residential candidates should consider proven strategies for helping children in poverty succeed.
Marilyn Sherman
For the Future of Children: Creating a Conversation about Race
Professor Carol Lee advocates more dialogue on race to promote education reform.
Lisa Stein
Message from the Dean
Penelope Peterson
Alumni News
Marilyn Sherman
Tabitha Bentley: A Leader in All-Around Service
SESP junior Tabitha Bentley, a social policy major and co-founder of Promote 360, has a habit of working to change her world for the better.
Marilyn Sherman with photo by Andrew Campbell
Katherine Magnuson, Elizabeth Votruba-Drzal: Collaborators on Child Poverty Research
Two SESP alumnae Katherine Magnuson (PhD02), assistant professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Elizabeth Votruba-Drzal (PhD04), assistant professor at University of Pittsburgh, discuss their collaboration for a new book by the country's leading poverty researchers.
Clare Curley
Faculty News
Marilyn Sherman