Inquiry Spring 2008: Learning and Organizational Change

The Power to Transform: Understanding Learning in Organizations
″Learning and Organizational Change (LOC) is not something high school students usually think about, but many develop an interest in the field while at Northwestern. They get excited because it's the people side of organizations,″ says Susan Olson, assistant dean of student affairs, who sees undergraduates flocking to this fast-growing major.
Marilyn Sherman
Multiple Identities of Community Colleges
Community colleges offer great promise by widening access to higher education Research by two SESP professors could impact the ways these organizations change to meet their students' needs.
Lisa Stein
How Organizations Evolve: One University and Its Faceoff on Science
The new wave of commercialization in science research is changing universities from the inside out. Assistant professor Jeannette Colyvas is finding out how.
Jennifer Beck
Message From The Dean
Penelope Peterson
Jake Elster Creates Organization for 'Do-Good Coffee'
When Jake Elster, a student in the Master of Science in Learning and Organizational Change (MSLOC) program, was working with a cooperative of 10,000 farmers in Uganda, he heard their stories and spent nights in their homes. He realized that the coffee farmers needed help.
Marilyn Sherman
Mary Jo Potter: An Educator and Organizational Change Agent
Since graduating in 1973, Mary Jo Potter has worked for several consulting firms and cofounded three of her own. For the last 30 years, she has become nationally and internationally known for her work helping individuals and organizations improve performance, plan for the future and undergo change, most recently with Highperlink, a company she founded in 2004.
Katharine Duke
Alumni News
Marilyn Sherman