Message From The Dean

Penelope Peterson Dear Friends,

In this issue of Inquiry, we focus on Learning and Organizational Change (LOC), which constitutes a major for many undergraduate and master's students in our school as well as an area of concentration for some of our doctoral students and faculty members. How can organizations be designed to support ongoing learning on the part of their members? How might learning become an impetus for organizational change? How can we leverage what we learn from organizations in the for-profit sector to improve performance of organizations in the nonprofit sector, including public schools? These are a few questions that our LOC students, faculty and alumni seek to answer.

In the introductory article, we meet some of these undergraduate and master's students and learn more about the LOC programs of study. In the second article, we consider an important educational organization in our nation today - community colleges - now at the center of much debate about their roles as major institutions of adult learning. We hear from professors James Rosenbaum and Michelle Reininger, who argue from their research that changes are needed in these learning organizations. We get another perspective from our alumnus, adjunct professor and chancellor of the City Colleges of Chicago, Wayne Watson, who counters by illuminating the challenges faced by community colleges from a leader's point of view. Finally, we consider a case study in learning and organizational change conducted by our new assistant professor, Jeannette Colvas, and we explore how organizational transformation can occur through scientific discovery and technology transfer.

On the concluding page, we thank our many Learning Society donors who made it possible for our school to learn and change this past year. Without your support, we could not continue to do what we do as individuals and as an organization. You help us maintain our top 10 national ranking among schools of education. Thanks so much!

Best wishes,

Penelope Peterson
Penelope L. Peterson, Dean
By Penelope Peterson