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FAll 2014

New Graduates Honored with International Fellowships
International fellow Mahalia Kahsay
Mahalia Kahsay (BS14)
International fellow Morgan Wolf
Morgan Wolf (BS14)
International fellow Kia Sosa
Kia Sosa (BS14)

Three June graduates of SESP received fellowships for international research and teaching. Mahalia Kahsay (BS14) won a Princeton in Asia fellowship to teach English in Thailand at Chiang Mai University, and Morgan Wolf (BS14) received a Princeton in Africa fellowship for work in Tanzania. Kia Sosa (BS14) received a Fulbright fellowship to teach English in Croatia.

Northwestern Alumnus Peter Bloom Enlightens Philanthropy Class

Peter Bloom
Photo By Steve Drey

The SESP Learning Philanthropy class—where students actually donate $50,000 to nonprofits—benefited from real-world insights of 1978 Northwestern alumnus Peter Bloom, himself a philanthropist and board chair of the nonprofit Sprinkling his talk with intriguing quizzes and case studies, Bloom challenged students about the nonprofit arena, an area with “no easy answers.”

Bloom flew from New York to address the unique undergraduate class, taught by Dean Penelope Peterson and Lauren Young, which explores the history and practice of philanthropic giving. He is advisory director for General Atlantic, where he was managing director.

Bloom enthusiastically discussed his “transformative” experience with, which seeks funders for teachers’ projects, often in high-poverty schools. Learning about nonprofits has taught him the importance of passionate individuals and of focusing on the “most valuable product” that can make a nonprofit succeed.

Nichole Pinkard(PhD98)
Photo by Jasmin Shah

Nichole Pinkard (PhD98) Receives Alumni Awardl

Nichole Pinkard (PhD98), an innovator in education, was the recipient of the 2014 Northwestern University Alumni Association Alumni Merit Award for the School of Education and Social Policy. Alumni merit awards are presented for high achievements in a field of endeavor.

Pinkard founded Digital Youth Network, a groundbreaking after-school and in-school program that helps Chicago youth learn digital media skills. She is an associate professor in DePaul University’s College of Computing and Digital Media.