Promote 360 Hosts Chicago-Area Students for Campus Visits

Promote 360 Hosts Chicago-Area Students for Campus Visits

Promote 360

Promote 360, the SESP student organization that promotes minority well being, is hosting younger students at several mentoring events this spring. “We want to empower minorities in their educational journeys, starting at a young age,” says co-president Leah Martinez.

“By bringing them to the Northwestern campus and exposing them to college life, we believe we are giving them an opportunity to see what’s possible for their futures,” adds Martinez, who shares the presidency of Promote 360 with Esther Wang.

METROsquash mentoring
At a recent mentoring event for the METROsquash youth organization, Chicago high schoolers paired up with Northwestern students for the day. Together they attended classes, toured campus and had lunch at a residence hall. 

“We wanted the students to feel very comfortable and welcome, and we wanted them to be able to picture themselves potentially going to a school like Northwestern. I think that we did accomplish this. I think we gave all the students who came a great sense of what college life can be like, and we helped them get a general feel of the Northwestern campus and how their options can be unlimited,” says Rabeya Mallick, a Promote 360 volunteer who hosted a freshman from Comer College Prep.

SESP freshman Olivia Franzblau, another volunteer, was paired with a high school junior whose ambition is to attend Northwestern. “Her enthusiasm was contagious,” Franzblau says. “My goal as a Promote 360 member was to be a resource — someone she would feel comfortable turning to to ask questions, and be given honest answers. I definitely believe it was accomplished because before she left she made sure she had my e-mail address!” 

Speech and leadership conference
On May 5, for the first time Promote 360 collaborated with Stan Polit (BS10) to host high school students from Evanston and Chicago for a speech and leadership conference. “The event, called Speech and Leadership Initiative on Civic Engagement, focused on giving the high schoolers greater preparation and exposure to college,” says Martinez.

Polit’s goal was to teach the students public speaking skills that can serve them well in their everyday lives. “I firmly believe that public speaking skills empower individuals to recognize their potential as leaders,” says Polit. The summit included a series of seminars with nationally recognized public speaking educators as well as an oratorical contest.

A similar speech and leadership conference will also be on the agenda next year. Promote 360 officers Rose Sloan, Meesoh Kim and Sarah Watson will be leading the effort.

Kits 'n' Cats
Following up on last year's successful event, on May 22 Promote 360 will assist the Office of STEM Education Partnerships in hosting Evanston Township High School students on campus. At the annual Kits 'n' Cats Day, the high school students will tour campus, visit science labs and hear talks.

Elementary school visit
On May 25, Promote 360 is having a visit with the youngest students they’ve hosted to date — a class of third-graders from a Chicago charter school. “They will get a chance to peek inside a class, talk with a professor and eat pizza with college students,” says Martinez.

Pen pal day
As the culmination to a pen pal project, on May 30 Promote 360 will host their pen pals for a campus visit. All year long, Promote 360 members have been writing to middle school students, which encourages the students to think about college for their future. After a year of corresponding, the Northwestern students will meet their pen pals for the first time.

Promote 360 serves the SESP community and the community at large. The group mentors Chicago and Evanston middle and high school students in an effort to promote college attendance among underrepresented minorities. Promote 360 also sponsors lectures, panel discussions, SESP community events and programs related to career exploration.

All SESP students are invited to join Promote 360. Meetings are held at 7 p.m. every Monday in the second floor commons of Annenberg Hall.

By Marilyn Sherman
Last Modified: 7/10/12