2017 News Stories

2017 News Stories

  • April 2017 News Stories

    • Schanzenbach: Redshirting Generally 'Not Worth It'
      Redshirting, or delaying a child’s entry into kindergarten, may do more harm than good, Northwestern University’s Diane Schanzenbach wrote in the summer issue of Education Next.

    • Women’s Conference Highlights ‘Intersectional Feminism’
      An borrowed from Dove’s viral “Choose Beautiful” campaign, kicked off Northwestern’s first Women’s Empowerment Conference, where ETHS students, staff and Northwestern volunteers discussed everything from dress coding and microaggressions to stereotypes and “intersectional feminism,” which describes how the feminist movement can be more diverse and inclusive.

    • How Teachers Lose Connections
      When teachers move to a new grade or lose a leadership position, the change can sever important work relationships, suggests new research from Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy.

    • Northwestern MSLOC Students Help Motorola Find Solutions
      When Motorola Solutions, Inc. wanted to reinvent the way it trained leaders, the company turned to students in Northwestern University’s Master’s in Learning and Organizational Change (MSLOC) program for a fresh perspective.

    • Northwestern Hosts Leadership Conference for ETHS Women
      Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy is hosting the Women’s Empowerment Conference for Evanston Township High School (ETHS) students to discuss women’s leadership and gender equity.

    • McAdams Featured in National Podcast '1A'
      Presidents should be judged on their character and competence rather than their mental health, Northwestern University psychologist Dan McAdams said on “1A,” a live, daily WAMU radio program distributed nationally by National Public Radio.

    • Northwestern Hosts Free Screening of ‘Beyond Measure’
      A free public screening of Beyond Measure, a documentary that looks at schools on the cutting edge of education reform, will be held April 19 at Northwestern University.

    • Figlio: A Leading Voice on Vouchers
      Journalists looking for rigorous studies on vouchers are turning to the work of Northwestern University economist David Figlio, a national expert on school vouchers and their effects.

  • March 2017 News Stories

    • 12 Economic Truths About Climate Change
      Over the next 70 years, every state in the U.S. is projected to experience increasing temperatures, according to a new report on the economic facts of climate change, co-authored by Northwestern University’s Diane Schanzenbach, director of The Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution.

    • Teachers: Register Now for Annual Baxter Symposium
      Registration for Northwestern University’s 6th Annual Baxter Symposium and summer workshops opens Friday, March 31.

    • Northwestern Academy Named Finalist for Building Award
      The newly renovated, high-tech home for Northwestern Academy for Chicago Public Schools is a finalist for the 2017 Chicago Building Congress Merit Award.

    • Prenatal Exposure to Superfund Sites May Affect Brain Development
      Children who live near hazardous waste sites can benefit from environmental cleanups, suggests one of the first large-scale studies to examine the short and long-term effects of prenatal exposure to Superfund sites on brain development.

    • Two SESP Postdocs Honored for Outstanding Dissertations
      Northwestern University postdoctoral fellows Kelly McMahon and Daniella Hall have received 2017 Outstanding Dissertation of the Year awards from the American Educational Research Association.

    • Schoenfeld Op-Ed: Prosecutors Escape Blame in Criminal Sentencing
      As a sociologist of law who has spent the last decade studying criminal justice policy and incarceration growth in Florida, Northwestern University’s Heather Schoenfeld applauds legislators who support increasing public access to criminal justice data.

    • MSLOC Project Earns Provost's Fellowship
      An innovative faculty project in the Master’s in Learning and Organizational Change (MSLOC) program has received a 2017-18 Digital Learning Fellowship from the Office of the Provost at Northwestern University. The Funding promotes innovation in learning and teaching via educational technology.

    • Pacific Standard Cites Figlio’s Voucher Research
      Private school vouchers have shown some modest positive effects, but the difference is not “Earth-shattering,” Northwestern University professor David Figlio said in the recent Pacific Standard article, “What Can Florida Teach Us About School Choice?”

    • Spillane Finds Teachers Benefit From Proximity
      Teachers have long been portrayed as independent contractors, working alone and behind closed doors. But new Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy research suggests teachers may benefit from the chance encounters that stem from working near one another inside the school building.

    • Students Showcase Innovative Tech Learning Projects
      Inspired by her love for Pokémon Go, Northwestern University graduate student Amalia Donovan designed and created an educational tool to help middle school gamers level up through the use of statistics.

    • Schanzenbach Coauthors Op-Ed, New Report On Data
      The modern economy has never been more reliant on data. But discretionary budget cuts could dramatically affect federal data collection, costing the economy more money than it saves, according to Northwestern University Professor Diane Schanzenbach, director of the Hamilton Project and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

    • Expanding the Evanston-Northwestern Education Partnership
      Evanston’s educational research-practice partnership will expand thanks to $1 million in combined support from the Lewis-Sebring Family Foundation and the Spencer Foundation.

    • McQuillan Receives Presidential Fellowship
      School of Education and Social Policy doctoral candidate Mollie McQuillan has received a 2017 Presidential Fellowship, the most prestigious award available to Northwestern University graduate students.

    • Worsley Explores the Origin of Ideas
      Inside MakerSpaces and FabLabs, students often try to solve open-ended engineering design challenges using a range of both new and familiar materials. Where do their ideas come from?

    • Vossoughi Receives Grant to Study Equity and Tinkering
      Northwestern University Professor Shirin Vossoughi received a $218,000 grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to continue her groundbreaking work looking at culture, equity and learning in after-school tinkering programs.

    • Alumna Abby Steketee: Combining Tenacity With Compassion
      Abby Meadema Steketee (BS03) never expected Northwestern University to lead her to the Olympic trials in swimming.

    • Coburn, Spillane’s Published Research Among 'Most Read'
      Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy Professors Cynthia Coburn and James Spillane, one of the world’s most prominent education leadership scholars, co-authored two of the most popular journal articles published by the American Educational Research Association in 2016.

  • February 2017 News Stories

    • Why America Needs Teacher-Designers
      To improve education, Americans should focus on continuously improving teaching by adopting the same techniques used in Japan, Northwestern University Professor Matt Easterday argued in a recent essay in The Hill.

    • Workshop Trains Educators in Forensic Science
      Teachers from 19 Chicago-area middle and high schools dabbled in forensics-related crime lab activities during a recent professional development workshop hosted by Northwestern University’s Office of Stem Education Partnerships with the Chicago Public Schools’ Department of Science.

    • Schanzenbach Testifies on Benefits of Food Stamps
      Strengthening the federal food assistance program is a smart public investment that will improve both public health and economic growth, Northwestern Professor Diane Schanzenbach testified Thursday before the U.S. House Committee on Agriculture.

    • Guryan's Work Helps Spark Social Policy Revolution
      Northwestern University economist Jonathan Guryan is on the front lines of a social policy revolution in Chicago, according to the latest issue of Chicago Magazine.

    • Senior to Present Research at Big Ideas Forum
      Subin Hwang will present her research examining the public health response to the refuge crisis in Germany during the next Big Ideas forum on Feb. 8.

    • Logan Welcomes Colleagues to Class
      Assistant Research Professor Regina Logan will open her Annenberg Hall classroom to fellow educators on Monday, Feb. 13 as part of a University-wide program aimed at promoting best practices and innovation in teaching through a wide-ranging exchange of ideas.

    • Figlio, Schapiro Elected to the National Academy of Education
      Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy Professor David Figlio and Northwestern University President and Professor Morton Schapiro have been elected to the prestigious National Academy of Education.

    • Three Faculty Members Receive Diversity Grants
      School of Education and Social Policy professors Regina Lopata Logan, Marcelo Worsley and Elizabeth Gerber have received Faculty Innovation in Diversity and Equity grants from the Northwestern University Office of the Provost.

    • Cilento Wins Prestigious Luce Scholarship
      Associated Student Government President Christina Cilento will spend the year after she graduates learning about impacts of climate change in Asia as a Luce Scholar.

    • New Improv Class Targets Dual Language Learners
      Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development will launch a two-way immersion (TWI) improvisation course for academically talented students in June of 2017.

  • January 2017 News Stories

    • Figlio Named Dean of School of Education and Social Policy
      David N. Figlio, the Orrington Lunt Professor of Education and Social Policy in the School of Education and Social Policy, and Director and Faculty Fellow of the Institute for Policy Research, has been appointed dean of the School of Education and Social Policy (SESP) at Northwestern University, effective Sept. 1.

    • Guryan Addresses Gun Violence in Sun-Times Essay
      Getting young people to slow down – to think before they act – can be a weapon in an anti-violence program, the School of Education and Social Policy’s Jonathan Guryan argued in the Chicago Sun-Times.

    • How to Cope With a State Budget Crisis
      Higher Education expert Heather Haberaecker to host webinar that offers tools for handling a state crisis on Tuesday, Jan. 31.

    • Learning Scientists Partner with Bennett Day School
      What happens when inventive children work side-by-side with university students on a design problem?

    • Mayor Emanuel, President Schapiro Highlight Academy Space Grand Opening
      Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro Sunday attended the grand opening of a new state-of-the-art center to house the Northwestern Academy--a program to support Chicago Public School students in preparing for success at competitive colleges and universities. They were joined by students enrolled in the Northwestern Academy and their parents. The Academy will graduate its inaugural cohort of seniors this spring.

    • Are Great Teachers Poor Scholars?
      Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro and Professor David Figlio have published research asking the question that has challenged elite universities and liberal arts colleges alike in recent times: “Are Great Teachers Poor Scholars?”

    • Less Teaching, More Coaching
      To capitalize on teachable moments, ditch the syllabus and start coaching, Northwestern University’s Matt Easterday wrote in The Hechinger Report.

    • Figlio to Present School Voucher Data
      Northwestern University Professor David Figlio will present his recent research on school voucher programs in Ohio and Florida on Feb. 2 during a forum at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute in Washington, D.C.

    • Why Rural Schools Have Become 'Engines of Exodus'
      To address the phenomenon of “rural brain drain,” schools must work with their local communities, rather than considering themselves separate from the cycle of economic decline, researchers wrote in a commentary in Education Week.

    • The Impact of a Strict Criminal Justice Administration
      In the wake of a potentially new “law and order” administration, criminal justice reform advocates must “create strong counter-narratives and messaging that stress ineffectiveness of current policies, the human right to dignity, and parsimony,” Northwestern University sociologist Heather Schoenfeld recently wrote in The Hill.

    • Faculty Recognized in Edu-Scholar Rankings
      For the fifth consecutive year, researchers from Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy have been named to Education Week’s “Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings,” which recognize 200 of the most influential academics in education policy.

    • Gifted Students Benefit From Ability Grouping, Acceleration
      Schools should use both ability grouping and acceleration to help academically talented students, reports a new Northwestern University study that examined a century of research looking at the controversial subject.

    • Professor Dan McAdams to Speak at SESP Graduate Event
      Northwestern University Professor Dan P. McAdams, Director of the Foley Center for the Study of Lives, will present a talk titled “Authoring a Life: Narrative, Identity, Redemption, and Donald Trump,” for the inaugural SESP graduate programs gathering from 4 to 6 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 12 in room GO2 at Annenberg Hall. Food from Pita Inn will be served.

    • SESP Alumnus Named to Chicago Board of Education
      Northwestern University alumnus Arnaldo “Arnie” Rivera, a former first-grade teacher and education administrator, was recently appointed to the Chicago Board of Education by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

    • Coburn Receives Grant to Study Educational Gap
      Northwestern University Professor Cynthia Coburn has received one-year, $70,000 grant to study how schools are creating stronger and more seamless connections between preschool and elementary school.