Grant Funds New Network for Public Science Education and Outreach
Northwestern University is part of a new multi-institutional initiative to encourage education and outreach efforts that extend the impact of federal scientific research. The National Science Foundation has awarded a $500,000 grant to a five-year initiative called the Broader Impacts and Outreach Network for Institutional Collaboration (BIONIC).
Sunshine State News: David Figlio's Report Shows Tax Scholarship Students Keep Up with Peers Nationally
Professor David Figlio's new study shows low-income students participating in Florida’s tax credit scholarship program are performing at the same level as their peers nationally, according to Sunshine State News.
Sun-Times Profiles SESP Junior Tom Hruby, Navy SEAL and Football Player
Tom Hruby is an active Navy SEAL at the same time he's a full-time SESP student and a member of the Northwestern football team. He's 32 years old with a wife and three children and is determined to meet the challenge he's set for himself, according the Chicago Sun-Times.
David Uttal Wins American Psychological Association's Best Article Award
The American Psychological Association awarded professor David Uttal the George A. Miller Award for the most distinguished publication in general psychology. His article "The Malleability of Spatial Skills: A Meta-Analysis of Training Studies" is the first all-encompassing analysis of how and how much training influences spatial thinking.
New York Times: Paul Krugman Cites Diane Schanzenbach's Study on Food Stamps
In a New York Times column about rising inequality, Paul Krugman cites associate professor Diane Schanzenbach's research on food stamps as he maintains that taxing the rich and helping the poor may well raise, not lower, the economy’s growth rate. Schanzenbach found that food stamps increased health and economic self-sufficiency.
New York Times Quotes Sophie Haroutunian-Gordon as Leading Scholar on Interpretive Discussion
In a story about an initiative for campus discourse called Ask Big Questions, the New York Times quotes professor Sophie Haroutunian-Gordon as a leading scholar of interpretive discussion. Ask Big Questions was co-founded by one of Haroutunian-Gordon's former students, Rabbi Josh Feigelson.
John Holcomb (MS14) Named Knowles Science Teaching Fellow
John Holcomb, an August 2014 graduate of the Master of Science in Education Program, was named a teaching fellow through the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KSTF).
Sharon Kao (BS14) Wins Psychological Association’s Student Research Award
Recent SESP graduate Sharon Kao (BS14) was the 2014 recipient of the Asian American Psychological Association’s Undergraduate Research Award. The award was presented at the association’s annual conference on August 6.
How Children Categorize Living Things
Linguistic and cultural forces shape children's understanding of the natural world. In a study conducted by Andrea Taverna with professors Sandra Waxman and Douglas Medin, the responses of children from three different cultural communities in Argentina to what is living differed, offering a glimpse of how linguistic, cultural and experiential forces shape understanding of the natural world.
Huffington Post Video: Alexandra Solomon Tells How Couples Avoid Relationship Ruts
To avoid relationship ruts, clinical psychologist and SESP instructor Alexandra Solomon says there is a million-dollar question that happy couples ask, over and over: "What's it like to be in a relationship with me right now?" She also recommends eye contact and holding hands as a way to engage.
12 SESP Students Awarded Undergraduate Internship Grants
Twelve SESP students were awarded grants for their internships this summer through the Summer Internship Grant Program (SIGP): Robert Bourret, Catherine Chung, Isabel Garcia, Brandon Hill,Jenny Kwon, Adriana Lopez, Maria Marquez, Anisa Mian, Hannah Ongman, Gabrielle Parsons, Natalie Sack and Jacqueline Soria.
David Figlio Delivers Keynote Economic Policy Lecture in Poland
Professor David Figlio added Warsaw to his list of destinations for economic policy talks as he headed to Poland to deliver the Leonid Hurwicz Lecture. His keynote address kicked off the ninth annual Warsaw International Economic Meeting on July 10.
Cynthia Coburn Gives Keynote Talk at International Learning Conference
Professor Cynthia Coburn, an expert in the area of scaling up education reform efforts, will address an international learning conference this week. At the International SIM Conference, she will provide a framework for how to spread and sustain successful changes in instruction.
Kemi Jona's Special Issue of Distance Education on MOOCs Available
Research professor Kemi Jona edited a special issue of Distance Education on massive open online courses (MOOCs), a phenomenon that he says has "rocked the boat of higher education." Articles and commentaries discuss emerging research in this field where "practice is leading theory."
Abraham Lo Wins AERA Minority Dissertation Fellowship
Learning Sciences doctoral student Abraham Lo received the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Minority Dissertation Fellowship in Education Research for 2014-15. This fellowship recognizes the quality of Lo’s research and his potential to contribute to education improvement.
Humorous YouTube Video with 145,000 Views Highlights Claudia Haase's 'Marriage Gene' Research
A humorous YouTube video highlights research by assistant professor Claudia Haase and her collaborators at University of California-Berekeley showing the link between a certain gene and marital happiness. Those with a particular variant of the 5-HTTLPR gene react more to the emotions in a marriage while those with other variants are more even and thus happier.
Energy Game Created by Mike Horn and Reed Stevens Wins Award
A game called Turn Up the Heat that faculty members Mike Horn and Reed Stevens developed for their Green Homes Games project recently won an award at the international Games+Learning+Society conference. The project aims to discover enjoyable ways for families to consider energy use and environmental sustainability.
SESP Dedicates Kothari Learning Studio at Annenberg Hall
In recognition of their son’s education at SESP, Shyam and Nina Kothari decided to support a classroom in Annenberg Hall where their son had classes. The high-tech Kothari Learning Studio was dedicated the day before Arjun Kothari’s graduation at a June 19 reception attended by the Kothari family, Northwestern trustees and faculty.
Kirabo Jackson Finds Increased School Spending Helps Poor Kids
New research by SESP associate professor Kirabo Jackson shows that increases in K-12 school spending lead to better outcomes for children living in poverty. His exhaustive research investigated four decades’ worth of data on the impact of court-mandated changes in school finance.
Seniors Marisa Bast, Raleigh Smith Win Big Ten Medal of Honor
The two winners of this year's Big Ten Medal of Honor, the conference's most prestigious award recognizing academic and athletic excellence, are SESP graduating seniors Marisa Bast and Raleigh Smith. Bast has been a standout at softball, Smith at tennis.