Cynthia Coburn Honored as AERA Fellow for Education Research
The American Educational Research Association (AERA) recently named SESP professor Cynthia Coburn an AERA Fellow. Coburn is one of 23 scholars to become 2015 AERA Fellows in recognition of exceptional scientific or scholarly contributions to education research.
Senior Nikita Ramanujam Co-Heads TEDx Talks
SESP senior Nikita Ramanujam, who co-founded TEDx Talks at Northwestern last year, is once again co-heading the event, scheduled for May 9. Applications for talks are due February 26.
Claudia Haase's Research Highlights the Bright Side of Aging
As spouses age, they show more positive emotional behaviors, such as humor, and fewer negative ones, such as defensiveness, SESP assistant professor Claudia Haase's studies show. She also finds that as people grow older, their social and emotional lives improve. Some age particularly well, and DNA provides an explanation.
Quartz: Mike Horn Gives Advice on Joining Faculty at Prestigious University
According to Quartz, only 12 percent of computer scientists move to a more elite institution than the one where they earned their degree, and Mike Horn is one, moving from Tufts to Northwestern. He gives advice to aspiring professors.
Aspen Institute Promotes Terri Sabol's Findings on Head Start Impact on Parents
Aspen Institute's Journal of Ideas promotes research by SESP faculty members Terri Sabol and Lindsay Chase-Lansdale that finds parents of 3-year-olds in Head Start, the nation's largest federally funded preschool program for low-income children, had steeper increases in their own educational attainment than parents of the control-group children by the time the children reached kindergarten. Parents benefit from child care, a parent network and educational opportunities, they say.
FiveThirtyEight Features Diane Schanzenbach's Research on Impact of Recession on Families
FiveThirtyEight features as policy-relevant Diane Schanzenbach's presentation at the American Economic Association annual meeting on "Impacts of the Great Recession on Low-Income Households." Schanzenbach cites a weakening social safety net, with no increase in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, or welfare, despite an increase in poverty during the Great Recession.
Jim Rosenbaum Reports on Challenge of Completing Community College
While access to college has expanded recently, a new challenge remains for community colleges. Professor James Rosenbaum and his colleagues find that many young people who enroll in community college fail to complete their studies and attain a degree.
David Uttal: How Brain Processes Complex Spatial Information
At conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, professor David Uttal gave a presentation about a program that partners a cognitive scientist and an environmental scientist to facilitate high school students' reasoning about complex real-world scientific and engineering problems through the use of computer-based layered maps. His talk was called "Promoting Spatially Based Scientific Reasoning with Geographic Information Systems."
Graduate Student Lucas Chen Wins Campus Life Award
Serving international students won SESP graduate student Lucas Xiao Chen the Campus Life Award for fall 2014. It is also his career goal after graduating from the Master of Science in Higher Education and Policy Program.
Jon Guryan Finds Prize Payments Induce Savings Behavior
Americans are more likely to save if they have the option of winning a prize when they make a deposit. That’s what SESP associate professor Jon Guryan found when he compared the use of prize-linked savings accounts with standard interest-bearing accounts.
Jim Spillane Video Discusses Research Directions for Common Core
A new video by SESP professor James Spillane, produced by the American Educational Research Association, calls for scholars to identify key ideas for research as the Common Core standards roll out.
Cynthia Coburn Works to Expand Research in Early Math Education
Because scientific-based research on the topic is lacking, SESP professor Cynthia Coburn is assisting in an effort to develop new researchers and foster research on young children’s math learning. The DREME network will conduct innovative research and lead key projects on important early math topics
President Schapiro to Receive President's Award from NASPA
Morton Schapiro, president of Northwestern University and a faculty member in the SESP Higher Education Administration and Policy program, will receive the President's Award from NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education. He was given the award for his dedication to improving the lives of Northwestern students.
Atlantic Quotes Jim Rosenbaum, SESP Alums in 'Will Ending Segregation End Poverty?'
An Atlantic article on "Is Ending Segregation the Key to Ending Poverty?" includes interviews about housing policy with professor James Rosenbaum and HDSP alumni Ruby Mendenhall, Stephanie DeLuca and Susan Popkin. Rosenbaum comments on his study showing the successes of relocating African American families to white suburbs.
Reuters: Emma Adam Comments on Study Showing Screen Time Hurts Teens' Sleep
In Reuters news picked up by numerous media outlets, professor Emma Adam comments on a new Norwegian study linking screen time to lack of sleep. Adam says comparisons are lacking, but there is evidence that screen time before bedtime affects sleep.
Windy City Times: Danny Cohen Speaks at Holocaust Remembrance
Chicago's Temple Sholom hosted a memorial and workshop for Holocaust Remembrance Day featuring a workshop, "Overlapping Triangles," with assistant professor Danny M. Cohen, a member of the Illinois Holocaust and Genocide commission and an author of human rights fiction.
On Yahoo Health, Alexandra Solomon Gives Advice on 'Falling in Love All Over Again'
In a Yahoo health feature, "20 Ways to Fall in Love All Over Again," SESP faculty member and therapist Alexandra Solomon offers advice for couples. She says to schedule time off from regular responsibilities, say thank you, give compliments, have your own interests, flirt, talk about feelings and redefine date night.
Improving Health Literacy for All Patients
Together with SESP associate professor David Rapp, Learning Sciences graduate Michael Wolf is researching practical solutions to help patients manage everyday health care challenges.
David Uttal Discusses Program That Improves Students' Spatial Skills
Northwestern University’s David H. Uttal discussed a program that has enhanced students’ learning at a variety of levels, from basic spatial reasoning to solving complex problems involving the coordination of numerous variables, such as those involved in climate change, as part of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting in San Jose, California.
Senior Sarah Watson Wins Northwestern Oratorical Contest
SESP senior Sarah Watson won the first Martin Luther King Jr. Oratorical Contest held at Northwestern University. The contest began with students submitting speeches to a panel of judges, and then three finalists were chosen to present their speeches to an audience at McCormick Auditorium.