SESP Information Technology Staff Share Advances at National TechForum
SESP Information Technology staff members Alyssa Dyar, Ryan Nix and Matthew Rich are making presentations at a national professional development conference about innovative technology initiatives at SESP. Dyar, Nix and Rich will present at the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) CIO TechForum2015 on October 13 and 14 called "The New World of Higher Ed IT."
SESP Receives $1M Spencer Award to Expand Computational Literacy in Schools
The School of Education and Social Policy received a prestigious Lyle Spencer Research Award of nearly $1 million to expand computational literacy in schools. Northwestern is the only school in the country to receive two Lyle Spencer awards this year. The three-year project seeks to incorporate computational literacy into required high school science and mathematics courses.
Jim Spillane Addresses Singapore Early Childhood Conference
Professor James Spillane gave the opening keynote address at the Early Childhood Conference in Singapore recently. An audience of 2,500 early childhood educators and policy makers heard his talk on "“Leading and Managing Human Development Practice."
Doctoral Student Elizabeth Dyer Wins AERA Research Fellowship
Learning Sciences doctoral student Elizabeth Dyer was awarded a dissertation fellowship from the American Education Research Association (AERA) to investigate responsive teaching practices in mathematics. Responsive teaching, which attends to and builds on students’ emerging ideas about mathematics, has been linked to increased learning gains.
Cynthia Coburn Delivers Keynote Speech in Ireland
Professor Cynthia Coburn delivered a keynote address at the British Educational Research Association’s annual conference in Ireland recently. She addressed an international audience of education scholars and researchers on "Pathways from Research to Policy: Implications for Researchers."
Boston Globe Quotes Emma Adam about Stress of Prejudice Harming Long-Term Health
Racial minorities who live with daily stress of prejudice may pay a price affecting their long-term health. The Boston Globe quotes SESP professor Emma Adam on the study she helped lead that showed the effects of discrimination on stress and health.
Carol Lee Gives Social Justice Keynote Speech at Arkansas Symposium
SESP professor Carol Lee was the keynote speaker at the third annual Symposium on Multiculturalism and Social Justice on September 18 and 19 at Philander Smith College in Arkansas.
Discrimination during Adolescence Has Lasting Effect on Body
In both blacks and whites, everyday feelings of discrimination can mess with the body’s levels of the primary stress hormone, cortisol, new research suggests. In African-Americans, however, the negative effects of perceived discrimination on cortisol are stronger than in whites, according to the study, one of the first to look at the biological response to the cumulative impact of prejudicial treatment. The team of researchers, led by SESP professor Emma Adam, also found that the teenage years are a particularly sensitive period to be experiencing discrimination.
Jim Spillane Receives $1 Million Spencer Award for School System Research
Professor James Spillane received a $1 million Lyle Spencer Research Award for a comparative study of school systems. In an effort to develop needed knowledge for education reform, Spillane’s research will investigate the relationship between various types of school systems and improving instruction.
Mike Horn Wins Best Paper Award for Presentation in Korea
Assistant professor Michael Horn recently traveled to Korea to give a presentation on the effective design of interactive digital museum exhibits. His presentation at the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems was recognized with a Best Paper Award.
New Cohort of Top Chicago Principals Selected for Training Program
For a second year, the Chicago Public Schools Principals Fellowship program at Northwestern will provide leadership training and executive coaching to top principals from Chicago public schools. Twenty principals were chosen for the second cohort of Northwestern University's Chicago Public Schools Principals Fellowship program.
Improving the Transitions of Novice Principals
SESP professor James Spillane researches the transitions of novice school principals. A recent study with the University of Texas at Austin’s Linda Lee examines what new principals face when starting in their positions and offers recommendations for easing this process.
Innovation Grant from Motorola Solutions Foundation Supports STEAM Education
An Innovation Generation grant from the Motorola Solutions Foundation will support several leading-edge K-12 programs of the Office of STEM Education Partnerships (OSEP). In a unique university collaboration with industry and K-12 schools, these programs focus on innovation in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) education, and research and development education.
SESP Welcomes New Students, Faculty
The School of Education and Social Policy is welcoming 49 new undergraduates and 152 new graduate students this fall. The entire SESP community is invited to a SESP-wide poster session on September 22 and ice cream social on September 24.
Physics Today: Uri Wilensky's New Book Called Best Text on Agent-Based Modeling
A review in Physics Today describes professor Uri Wilensky's new book An Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling as "the best textbook available on this new approach."
Yahoo Parenting Article Cites David Figlio's Research about Unique Baby Names
"Girls with masculine names like Morgan and Taylor were more likely to pursue advanced studies in science and math than their siblings with more feminine names like Emma or Elizabeth,” professor David Figlio’s research found. Yahoo Parenting cites his study in an article on unique baby names.
New Workshops for Teachers Strengthen STEAM Education
As a leader in STEM education innovation, the Office of STEM Education Partnerships offered new workshops for K-12 teachers this summer. A new professional development series featured STEAM, which adds the arts to STEM, and workshops in Kentucky to give rural teachers access to remote laboratories.
Chief Learning Officer Profiles SESP Instructor Aaron Olson (MS98), Aon's Talent Chief
In "Aon's Strategic Mind," Chief Learning Officer profiles MSLOC instructor and alumnus Aaron Olson. "As a learning leader who developed his skills through a changing organization, Aon’s CLO knows learning can drive business strategy by guiding culture," the article states.
Inside NU Profiles Wildcat Coach Pat Fitzgerald (BS97)
Despite being the youngest head football coach in the Big Ten, Pat Fitzgerald (MS97) is also the second longest-tenured. Inside NU profiles Fitzgerald, "the one man that hasn't just become the face of Northwestern football nor the brains behind it. He is Northwestern football."
Atlantic Features Dan McAdams on Life Stories
An Atlantic magazine article on the importance of life narratives to personality features the work of professor Dan McAdams. "Life stories do not simply reflect personality. They are personality, or more accurately, they are important parts of personality," McAdams says.