Carol Lee, Doug Medin Members of Native American Outreach Task Force
A Northwestern University group that includes professors Carol Lee and Doug Medin has begun studying ways for Northwestern to augment its relationships with Native Americans.
Kansas City Star Quotes David Figlio about Impact of Vouchers
Kansas City Star quotes David Figlio about his research on the impact of voucher systems. Figlio said scholarship programs targeting small groups of students tend to attract lower performers or students whose parents want them to have a religious education, according to the Star.
Alissa Chung Blogs about Respecting Children's Unique Learning Styles
"Schools need to recognize that one size never fits all, and we all lose out when children are left to fail and struggle rather than realize their full abilities," writes SESP instructor Alissa Chung in a blog post called "Respecting Children's Unique Learning Styles."
Center for Talent Development Summer Program Participants Create Winning Videos
Participants in the Center for Talent Development's summer program competed in a contest to document their experience and encourage other kids to join the program. Watch the winning videos.
Nichole Pinkard (PhD98) Honored with SESP Alumni Award
Nichole Pinkard (PhD98), an innovator in education and the founder of the Digital Youth Network, is the recipient of the 2014 Northwestern University Alumni Association Alumni Merit Award for the School of Education and Social Policy.
SESP Student Nikita Ramanujam Co-Organizes First TEDx Talks at Northwestern
SESP student Nikita Ramanujam co-directed the first TEDx Talks at Northwestern on April 12. Students, faculty members and alumni presented polished 15-minute talks on a range of topics related to the theme "Crossing Paths."
Day with Northwestern Features Diane Schanzenbach, Neal Sales-Griffin (BS09)
SESP associate professor Diane Schanzenbach and SESP alumnus Neal Sales-Griffin (BS09) will offer intriguing talks for an audience of students and alumni at A Day with Northwestern on April 26.
Education Week Features Sophie Haroutunian-Gordon's Article on Interpretive Discussion
Interpretive discussion enables students to discern and converse about the meaning of a "text," according to professor Sophie Haroutunian-Gordon in her piece in Education Week. She uses discussion of a work of art to illustrate.
SESP Alumni, Instructor Finalists for Golden Apple Award
Two SESP alumni and one SESP instructor are among the finalists for the 2014 Golden Apple Awards for Excellence in Teaching. Trent Anderson and Linda Green (BS80) are SESP alumni, and Michael Novak teaches in the SESP Master of Science in Education program.
BBC Cites David Figlio's Research Showing Names Affect School Outcomes
BBC describes professor David Figlio's research as showing "striking evidence of names triggering different outcomes for schoolchildren." The article refers to research on "black" and "white" names, as well as boys with names also given to girls.
Northwestern Goes to the Middle East
Northwestern University expanded the University’s ties with Tel Aviv University and welcomed nearly 100 Northwestern alumni to an event in that city during a recent trip to Israel by Northwestern leaders. School of Education and Social Policy dean Penelope Peterson participated in the delegation.
FUSE Design Challenge Winners from ETHS Visit Washington, D.C.
Five Evanston Township High School students who won a hip-hop design challenge traveled to Washington, D.C., for a day of design workshops and a performance by hip-hop artist Nas. The design challenge was offered online by ARTSEDGE, the Kennedy Center’s arts education program, in cooperation with Northwestern University’s FUSE program and the Chicago-based Digital Youth Network.
Baltimore Sun Quotes Jim Rosenbaum on Pros and Cons of For-Profit Colleges
Professor James Rosenbaum, who researches for-profit colleges, told the Baltimore Sun that the best for-profit schools do innovative work, providing strong career help, offering consistent schedules across semesters and guiding students to earn certifications and associate's degrees as they work toward a bachelor's. However, the range in quality in this sector is vast, according to Rosenbaum.
Opportunities Fund Supports Student Leadership Projects
For School of Education and Social Policy undergraduates who want to lead extracurricular projects, the SESP Opportunities Fund can help them make a difference. This spring several leadership events — a new Northwestern TEDx event, panel discussions with civically engaged alumni, a global leadership summit and more — are being supported by the fund, which is intended to encourage undergraduate innovation and service.
SESP Shares Education Vision with Visitors from Republic of Georgia
Education leaders from the Republic of Georgia visited SESP on April 1 to learn about partnerships with school systems and the latest trends in education research. The U.S. Department of State sponsored the delegation.
Carol Lee Receives DuSable Museum Award
The DuSable Museum of African American History is honoring professor Carol Lee with its top 2014 award, the Dogon Award, which will be presented at the Night of 100 Stars Awards event on April 5.
Washington Post Cites Kirabo jackson's Research Showing Impact of Cash Incentives for AP Scores
The Washington Post cites associate professor Kirabo Jackson's research finding that in Texas, cash bonuses and extra support sparked an increase in AP and IB test takers primarily among black and Hispanic students. The portion of students scoring above 1100 on the SAT or above 24 on the ACT increased 80 percent for black students and 50 percent for Hispanic students.
Center for American Progress Cites Jon Guryan's and Diane Schanzenbach's Research on Medicare and Food Stamps
A Center for American Progress policy analysis refers to SESP associate professor and economist Jonathan Guryan's research showing Medicare led to a dramatic decline in the black-white infant health and mortality gap and associate professor Diane Schanzenbach's research finding that food stamps led to economic self-sufficiency for women.
Larry Hedges Receives AERA Presidential Citation for Research Excellence
Professor Larry Hedges has been selected to receive the 2014 Presidential Citation for research excellence from the American Education Research Association (AERA), the nation’s preeminent education research organization.
Jim Spillane Presents Talks in Belgium on Education Leadership
An international authority on education leadership, SESP professor James Spillane gave presentations in Belgium recently on education leadership and policy. His audiences spanned practitioners, policy makers and scholars.