Junior Malik Dent Receives Campus Life Award
SESP third-year student Malik Dent received the Fall 2014 Campus Life Award, which recognizes students who have significantly contributed to the improvement of the quality of student life at Northwestern.
TV News Video: Lessons on Charitable Giving from SESP Philanthropy Class
Allentown TV News is one of the stations showing a video with lessons charitable giving from Northwestern students in the SESP philanthropy class taught by Dean Penelope Peterson. Students in the class learn important lessons as they give away $50,000.
Alumni Corey Winchester (BS10), Sabrina Ehmke (BS05) Selected for International Education Program
Corey Winchester (BS10) and Sabrina Ehmke (BS05), history and social sciences teachers at Evanston Township High School, were selected to travel to Bolivia and Peru this summer for the Fulbright-Hays project Indigenous Voices at the Frontier of a Globalized World.
FiveThirtyEight Quotes Diane Schanzenbach on Tradeoffs in Capping Class Size
FiveThirtyEight's analysis of Washington's new initiative to cap class size quotes associate professor Diane Schanzenbach: “Class-size reduction is a smart and sound policy in lots of cases. But as an economist, I have to think about what would be the best use of the next dollar spent, and for an across-the-board reduction of this magnitude, the evidence just isn’t there.”
Senior Samantha Yi Awarded Undergraduate Research Grant
Samantha Yi, a SESP senior majoring in social policy, was awarded an Academic Year Undergraduate Research Grant during fall quarter. Her research explores the leadership of a dual language learning program in Evanston.
Northwestern Helps Evanston Children Learn Code
As part of a global effort to spark interest in computer programing, Northwestern University has partnered with Evanston elementary schools for the second annual “Hour of Code” initiative. The Kits and ‘Cats Hour of Code event will reach at least 2,000 Evanston students.
Corey Brady Addresses Audiences in Mexico on Learning Science with Computer Modeling
Assistant professor Corey Brady traveled to Mexico recently to share his expertise in computer modeling for engineering education. He gave a conference keynote, a workshop and a panel presentation — all at the Technological Institute of Madero in Tamaulipas, Mexico.
David Figlio, Jon Guryan Find Heavier Newborns Have Academic Edge in School
Babies who weigh more at birth perform better in elementary and middle school than infants with lower birth weights, according to research by SESP professors David Figlio and Jon Guryan published in the American Economic Review.
FiveThirtyEight Reports Jon Guryan's New Research on Summer Reading
Associated professor Jonathan Guryan conducted a randomized experiment of a summer reading program with second and third graders. It found that sustained, focused reading — the kind which girls did more often — accelerated reading skills more than the number of books read.
German Scholars Collaborate on Human Development Research with Claudia Haase
The questions of how nature and nurture interact and how to promote new learning among older adults spark wide interest. Assistant professor Claudia M. Haase is exploring both these questions through international research, working with two scholars from Germany, Nina Alexander of the University of Dresden and Martina Reitmeier of Technical University Munich.
SESP Leaders Sign Letter Urging Investment in Early Childhood Education
More than 500 leading researchers from across the nation, including SESP dean Penelope Peterson and faculty members Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, Terri Sabol and Sandra Waxman, signed an open letter recently urging policy makers to increase investment in high-quality early childhood education.
Huffington Post: Emma Adam Tells How to Help Teens Reduce Stress
In a Huffington Post op ed piece, professor Emma Adam discusses how to help adolescents lessen stress in high-anxiety times and always. Research shows that stress, especially stress of a social nature, has long-term impacts on health.
SESP Gains Danish Education Perspective from Nanna Friche
SESP is gaining new educational perspectives from Denmark this quarter from Nanna Friche, a postdoctoral researcher from Roskilde University. Because Friche is interested in the impact of institutions on students’ education, she came to Northwestern to work with professor Cynthia Coburn.
National Science Foundation Highlights Kemi Jona's Work on Broader Impacts of Research
A new national Science Foundation report called "Perspectives on Broader Impacts" acknowledges professor Kemi Jona's recent work to foster broader impacts of research, including through the new Broader Impacts and Outreach Network for Institutional Collaboration (BIONIC).
Kelly O’Donnell (BS87) Receives Alumnae of Northwestern Award
Kelly O’Donnell (BS87), Capitol Hill correspondent for NBC News, received the 2014 Alumnae Award from the Alumnae of Northwestern University.
Education Week Quotes Cynthia Coburn on Importance of Research in Schools
Education Week says professor Cynthia Coburn, "a veteran of long term field-testing in schools, warned that data simulations should never take the place of full-scale experimental trials in schools." She noted, "The history of education research is littered with really wonderful lab experiments and interventions created outside the classroom that, for whatever reason, didn't work in the classroom."
Brian Reiser to Demystify New Science Standards
To give the public the facts and clarify the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), professor Brian Reiser is participating in two public panel presentations. The Chicago Council on Science and Technology is presenting programs on November 12 and 20 entitled “Decoding the New Science and Math Standards” to discuss the NGSS for science and the Common Core standards for mathematics.
Huffington Post Interviews Alissa Chung about Parental Responses to 'Mean Girl' Behavior
On Huffington Post, Alissa Chung, a clinical child psychologist and SESP lecturer on child development, discusses how to approach a child’s “mean girl” behavior. She advises reflecting on the meaning of the behavior. Girls could be trying to navigate socially, using the behavior to gain power or status, or indicating a lack of empathy.
Analyzing Election Results, Daily Signal Cites David Figlio's School Choice Research
Daily Signal cites SESP professor David Figlio's study that Florida tax credit scholarship students are making the same academic gains as other students nationwide. School choice was an issue in the Florida governor's race, where the victor, Rick Scott, supported school choice.
New York Times Quotes David Figlio on Fundraising for Wealthy Public Schools
A New York Times article that points out the inequities in philanthropic school fundraising also notes that fundraising is what keeps many wealthier parents committed to public schools. The article quotes SESP professor David Figlio: “If all of a sudden these super-rich people no longer can achieve what they want through the public sector, they’ll just send their kids to private schools and take their ball and go home.”