Study Explains Link Between Academic Performance and Violence

Sleep disruption following violent incidents and increased levels of cortisol affect ability to learn

Schools' Ability to Close Achievement Gap Varies Dramatically

Researchers and policymakers alike often compare the success of students between school districts, but a new Brookings report by David Figlio, and Krzysztof Karbownik indicates that school quality can vary greatly between schools in the same district.

Why Deliberative Democracy Makes Better Citizens

To create policies that reflect “the will of the people,” schools need to begin teaching how to engage in public deliberation, Northwestern University professor Matt Easterday wrote in “Why Deliberative Democracy Makes Better Citizens.”

Altered Cortisol Levels Tied to Poor Health

A lack of variation in the stress hormone cortisol from morning to evening is tied to a wide range of negative health conditions, including inflammation and immune system dysfunction, new research by Emma Adam and her colleagues suggests.

Academic Motivation Suffers When Economic Mobility Seems Out of Reach

Mesmin Destin, Ryan Svoboda co-author new research suggesting that students’ beliefs about the possibility of social mobility have significant consequences

Guryan Helps Governments Tackle Policy Challenges

An initiative designed to help state and local governments create and research the effectiveness of potential solutions to homelessness and other important policy challenges has expanded to three city and county governments

Meet Alumna April Bowman: Entrepreneur, Minister

April Bowman (MS12), the first in her family to graduate from college, landed her dream job when she was hired as the first director of Alumni Programs at Uplift Education, the largest charter school network in North Texas.

Schanzenbach Testifies on Student Privacy in Education Research

Researchers should help make parents and the public more aware of the security precautions already used to protect student privacy, Northwestern University professor Diane Schanzenbach told a House education committee, Sarah D. Sparks wrote in Education Week.

How Do Premies Perform in School?

Parents of prematurely born babies often fear their children may go on to struggle in school, but findings from a new large-scale study from the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University and Northwestern Medicine should reassure parents.

Children Play Key Role in Making Early Education Successful

The way children engage with their teachers, peers, and tasks is vital to the success of early-childhood education but greatly underestimated, according to new Northwestern University research.