Vivian Wong

Vivian C. Wong

Assistant Professor
Curry School of Education
University of Virginia
Vivian Wong Faculty Web Page
2010 - Institute of Education Sciences Outstanding Predoctoral Fellow


Year Degree Institution
2010 PhD, Human Dev & Social Pol
Human Development and Social Policy
Northwestern University
1998 BA University of Chicago

Selected Publications
Hallberg, K., Wing, C., Wong, V.C., & Cook, T.D. (In Press/Under Review). Experimental Design for Causal Inference: Clinical Trial and Regression-Discontinuity Designs in Little, T., The Oxford Handbook of Quantitative Methods Oxford University Press.

Wong, V.C., Wing, C., Steiner, P.M., Wong, M., & Cook, T.D. (In Press/Under Review). Research designs for program evaluation in Velicer, W; Schinka, J. , Handbook of Psychology (2nd edition) Wiley and Sons.

Wong, V. C., Steiner, P. M., Cook, T. D. (In Press/Under Review). Analyzing Regression-Discontinuity Designs with Multiple Assignment Variables: A Comparative Study of Four Estimation Methods. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics.
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Shadish, W. S., Galindo, R., Wong, V. C., Steiner, P. M., Cook, T. D. (June, 2011). A randomized experiment comparing random to cutoff-based assignment. Psychological Methods.
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Cook, T. D., Wong, M., Wong, V. C. (2011). The interdependence of politics and science in the evolution of Head Start in N. Stein, S. Raudenbush , Developmental Cognitive Science Goes to School (pp. 300-313). Routledge.

Wong, V. C., Cook, T.D., Barnett, W.S., Jung, K. (January, 2008). An effectiveness-based evaluation of five state pre-kindergarten programs. . Journal of Policy Analysis and Management: 122-154.
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Cook, T. D. & Wong, V. C. (2008). Better Quasi-Experimental Practice in P. Alasuutari, J. Brannen, and L. Bickman (eds.), The Handbook of Social Research (pp. 134-165). Sage Publications.

Cook, T. D. & Wong, V. C. (2008). Empirical tests of the validity of the regression discontinuity design. Annales d'Economie et de Statistique.

Cook, T. D., Shadish, W.S., & Wong, V. C. (2008). Three conditions under which experiments and observational studies often produce comparable causal estimates: New findings from within-study comparisons. . Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.
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Cook, T. D. & Wong, V. C. (2007). The warrant for universal pre-K: Can several thin reeds make a strong policy boat? Social Policy Report. Social Policy Report: 14-15.
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Hirsch, B. J. & Wong, V. (2005). After-School Programs in D. DuBois & M. Karcher (eds.), Handbook of Youth Mentoring Thousand Oaks.

Research Interests
Within-study comparisons of experimental and quasi-experimental designs; issues in the implementation and analysis of regression discontinuity and abbreviated interrupted time series designs; and evaluation of state pre-kindergarten programs.

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