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Aleata Hubbard is a graduate student in Learning Sciences at Northwestern University. Before beginning her doctoral program, she studied computer science and French and Francophone studies at Carnegie Mellon University and spent a year studying abroad in Switzerland at EPFL. She joined the LS community because she was interested in blending her knowledge of computer science and French to design computer-mediated second language learning environments. Some interesting projects she has worked on in this area include the following: 

    • analyzing written feedback given to English learners on a language-learning social networking site
    • an IM bot that provides Japanese learners with real-time discussion prompts based on what the discussants say (developed with Celina Troutman)
    • using the game Taboo to compare the word associations of native English speakers to non-native speakers whose first languages were Igbo and Yoruba
A complete list of her course work and projects can be found here. Hubbard has now shifted her research focus to the study of computer science learning.

She has been a teaching assistant for Methods of Observing Human Behavior (SESP 327), an introduction to ethnography for SESP undergraduates.

Organizations that she participates in are AAAL, CSCL, ISLS and AERA.

After completing her second year at Northwestern, she took a leave of absence to participate in the MEST Teaching Fellowship in Accra, Ghana, where she was involved in the conceptualization and delivery of product development and technology (i.e., databases and web technologies) courses for aspiring software entrepreneurs.

She is advised by 
Eva Lam.



Year Degree Institution
2006 B.S. in Computer Science, French and Francophone Studies Carnegie Mellon University

Selected Presentations

A. K. Hubbard (March, 2010). Written L2 Feedback and English Proficiency on a Social Networking Site. Annual Meeting of the American Association of Applied Linguistics. Atlanta, GA.

Research Interests

computational thinking, computer science, computer-mediated learning environments, mobile learning environments 

Student Organizations

Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA)

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