Cindy Conlon

Cindy Conlon

Adjunct Lecturer, SESP Undergraduate Program


Cynthia Conlon, who holds a JD from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD from Northwestern, currently teaches the SESP seminar class Legal Aspects of Education. This class examines how Supreme Court decisions shape education policy at the K-12 level. Conlon has also taught a seminar class on the Supreme Court that involves a trip to Washington, D.C., where the students watch a Supreme Court oral argument and meet with various experts including experienced oral advocates and law clerks. Conlon's research interests focus on the Supreme Court; a recent article, for example, examined the content of questions asked by the justices during oral argument and found that the justices differed in the extent to which their questions asked about policy.



Year Degree Institution
1979 PhD Northwestern University
1975 JD University of Pennsylvania
1972 BS Northwestern University

Research Interests

Supreme Court issues




Legal Aspects of Education School governance structure and decision making; relevant state and federal legislation; role of the US Supreme Court in affecting public schooling.

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