Rayane Alamuddin

Rayane Alamuddin

2012 - American Association for University Women International Doctoral Fellowship

2011 - Open Society Foundations - Global Supplemental Grant

2003 - Sheikh Fawzi Azar Award for Outstanding Student Research Paper


Year Degree Institution
2012 MA, Education and Social Policy
Human Development and Social Policy
Northwestern University
2005 MA in Psychology American University of Beirut
2002 BA in Psychology American University of Beirut

Selected Publications
Alamuddin & Zebian (2010). An exploratory assessment of cultural sensitivity in the practices of Lebanese researchers in the field of psychology: Implications for national development efforts. International Journal of Psychology, 45(5): 381.

Ayyash-Abdo, Alamuddin & Mukallid (2010). School counseling in Lebanon: Past, present, future. Journal of Counseling and Development, 88(1): 13-17.

Zebian, Alamuddin, Maalouf, & Chatila (2007). Developing an appropriate psychology through culturally-sensitive research practices in the Arabic speaking world: A content analysis of psychological research conducted between 1950 and 2004. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 38(2): 91-122.

Ayyash-Abdo & Alamuddin (2007). Predictors of subjective well being among college youth in Lebanon. The Journal of Social Psychology, 147(3): 265-284.

Research Interests
- The educational pathways of low-income parents with young children
- The development, implementation, and evaluation of educational and workforce development programs
- The effects of two-generation education programs on low-income families
- Improving anti-poverty policies and programs
- The use of mixed-methods research in program evaluation

Lab Affiliations
Institute for Policy Research
Human Capital Research Collaborative - Midwest CPC Expansion Project


Employment History
2006 2007 Psychosocial & Educational Programming Officer/Constulant, International Medical Corps
2006 2008 Adjunct Instructor, American University of Beirut
2006 2009 Adjunct Instructor, Lebanese American University

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