Claudia Zapata-Gietl

Claudia Zapata-Gietl

MPES 2 Cohort 4
Claudia is a doctoral student in Human Development and Social Policy studying bicultural identity and educational experiences, and the high school transition into post-secondary education.


Year Degree Institution
BA, Psychology and Comparative Literature California State University, Long Beach

Research Interests
I am interested in examining the academic and mental health trajectories of Latino students through high school and into post-secondary education through sociological and psychological perspectives. Specifically, I look at how structures at the classroom and school level shape the high school transition into post-secondary education for low-income students. At the individual student level, Latino students are in the process of developing an identity that is both affected by their school experiences and affects their academic and mental health outcomes. I look at narrative identity as the mechanism through which Latino students construct their ethnic identities.

Lab Affiliations
Foley Center
Institute of Policy Research
Status, Cognition and Motivation

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