Pamela Schuetz

Pamela Schuetz

Adjunct Lecturer, Higher Education Administration and Policy
Faculty in Residence, Northwestern University


Year Degree Institution
2007 PhD, Higher Education and Organizational Change University of California at Los Angeles
MS, Architecture University of California at Los Angeles
BS, Engineering University of California at Los Angeles

Research Interests
Individual, institutional and systemic dynamics of college student engagement, transitions and outcomes.


MS_ED 402 Social Contexts of Education This course will explore the ways in which studentsí social and cultural contexts intersect with their educational experiences. Most of the available research to-date has investigated race/ethnicity, social class, and gender as the identifying characteristics of students with important implications for educational access, success and learning. However, these are not the only contexts with educational implications, and I would welcome contributions to the class (written or oral) that expand our understanding of other student contexts (examples include disability, language, religion, or sexuality). This course looks across educational domains and draws connections between the K-12 and undergraduate educational settings. The parallels are abundant as social policies increasingly address the notion of a seamless K-16 educational system. The format of the course will consist of large group lecture/discussion for the first 60-90 minutes each week, followed by small group discussions led by myself or TAs for the remainder of the class time.
MS_HE 471 The Comprehensive Community College This course provides a comprehensive overview of the American community college. Topics include background, mission and functions, students and personnel, finance, governance and administration, instructional programs, services and outcomes. Current policy issues are analyzed in the context of educational, economic, political and social forces that continue to shape the role of the community college in American higher education.
SOC_POL 307 Educational Policy Conflict between societal imperatives to select and prepare young people for future careers and to offer youths opportunity; how society and schools address this conflict; various approaches to policy reform.
SOC_POL 351 Special Topics: Education Policy and Social Change

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