Kemi Jona

Kemi Jona

Research Professor , Learning Sciences and Computer Science
Director , Office of STEM Education Partnerships (OSEP)

Annenberg Hall
Room 242
2120 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208-0001
Phone: (847) 467-4885
Dr. Kemi Jona is a Research Professor of Learning Sciences and Computer Science at Northwestern University and Director of the Office of STEM Education Partnerships where he leads research and development projects in STEM curriculum design, cyberlearning, online and blended learning models, and web-based patient education and outreach. Current projects include 'FUSE Studios' that engage students in STEM fields through low-barrier, hands-on exploratory challenges, ‘The iLab Network’ which is developing remote online laboratories, ‘Watershed Dynamics’ where students connect directly to large-scale scientific databases to analyze hydrology data in their own watershed, and ‘EcoCasting’ which teaches computational modeling of complex systems through inquiry activities on ecosystems, food webs, and bioaccumulation. The author of numerous book chapters, articles, and conference papers on the topics of online learning, curriculum design, virtual labs and online science, and learning technology and strategy, he holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Northwestern University and a BS with Honors in Computer Science and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Curriculum Vitae
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2013 - CENIC 2013 Innovations in Networking Award presented by the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California for Remote Online Lab Network

2012 - Evanston Catalyst Award presented by Evanston-Northwestern MashUp

2008 - Innovator Award presented by the North American Council of Online Learning for leadership in online science

2001 - “Hammer Award” presented by Vice President Gore’s National Partnership for Reinventing Government


Year Degree Institution
1995 PhD, Computer Science Northwestern University
1988 BS (Honors), Computer Science and Psychology University of Wisconsin-Madison

Year Title  
1995 Representing and applying teaching strategies in computer-based learning-by-doing tutors

Selected Publications
Sauter, Megan; Uttal, David H.; Rapp; David N.; Downing, Michael; Jona, Kemi (2013). Getting Real: The Authenticity of Remote Labs and Simulations for Science Learning. Distance Education: 37-47.

Waimey, K., Duncan, F., Su, H., Smith, K., Wallach, H., Jona, K., Coutifaris, C., Gracia, C., Shea, L., Brannigan, R., Chang, R., Zelinski, M., Stouffer, R., Taylor, R., Woodruff, T. (2013). Future Directions in Oncofertility and Fertility Preservation: A Report from the 2011 Oncofertility Consortium Conference . Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology: 25-30.

Jona, K., Roque, R., Skolnik, J., Uttal, D., Rapp, D. (2011). Are remote labs worth the cost? Insights from a study of student perceptions of remote labs. International Journal of Online Engineering: 48-53.

Jona, K. & Gerber, A. (2010). A patient education website designed to support patient learning and decision making during periods of intense cognitive and emotional stress in Woodruff, T.K., Zoloth, L., Campo-Engelstein, L, & Rodriguez, S. (Eds.), Oncofertility: Reflections from the Humanities and Social Sciences Springer.

Jona, K.; Bareiss, R.; Singh, S. (2005). Making Courses More Engaging and Accessible: A case study using the story-centered curriculum model.. Illinois Online Conference for Teaching and Learning.

Schank, R.; Jona, K., & Bareiss, R. (August, 2003). Every Curriculum Tells a Story. Proceedings International Conference on Information Technology: Research and Education.

Jona, K. (2002). Using Multimedia Simulations for Compliance Training in Banks, T. & Banks, F. (Eds.), Corporate Legal Compliance Handbook Aspen Publishers.

Jona, Kemi (2000). Rethinking the Design of Online Courses. Proceedings ASCILITE 2000 Conference.
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Schank, R.C. & Jona, Kemi (1999). Extracurriculars as the Curriculum: A Vision of Education for the 21st Century. Forum on Technology in Education: Envisioning the Future, Office of Educational Technology.
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Jona, Menachem (1998). Representing and Applying Teaching Strategies in Computer-based learning-by-doing Tutors in Schank, R.C. (Ed.), Multimedia Case-Based Instruction Lawrence Erlbaum.

Schank, R.; Fano, A.; Jona, Menachem, & Bell, B. (1994). The Design of Goal-Based Scenarios. Journal of the Learning Sciences: 305-345.

Selected Presentations
Waldron, M., & Jona, K. (March, 2014). Lighting a FUSE: Partnering with Industry to Spark Engagement with STEAM.  Digital Media & Learning Conference. Boston, MA.

Cornwell, P., Jona, K., Kamen, D., Partovi, H. (January, 2014). Private Sector Programs that Engage Students in STEM. Subcommittee on Research and Technology Hearing. Washington, DC.

Mayadas, F., Bourne, J., Dasgupta, B., Jona, K., Lechtenberg, V (November, 2013). STEM Online Workshop. 19th Annual Sloan-C International Conference on Online Learning . Orlando, FL.

Jona, K. (September, 2013). Reimagining K-20 Partnerships Through Education Technology.  Southeastern Regional Education Board (SREB) Education Technology Collaborative Meeting. St. Petersburg, FL.

Ferrin, E., Pratt, A., & Jona, K. (August, 2013). A remote online microscopy lab as a tool for K-12 science education and a platform for teacher-scientist partnership.  Microscopy & Microanalysis 2013 Conference. Indianapolis, IN.

Jona, K. (July, 2013). The "T" in STEM: Is Technology in Education a tool, a content area, or both?.  100K in 10 Taste of STEM. Washington, DC.

Jona, K. (March, 2013). The iLab Network: NextGen STEM Learning.  2013 CENIC Annual Conference. San Diego, CA.

Jackson, S., Jona, K., & Hudson, T. (2013). Data-driven decision making in blended learning and competency-based environments. iNACOL Blended and Online Learning Symposium . Orlando, FL.

Jona, K. (June, 2012). The Case of University Partnerships to Support K-12 STEM Education and Outreach.  UC-Davis STEM Education and Outreach Summit. Davis, CA.

Jona, K. (December, 2011). Remote Labs: A Vision for the 21st Century Science Lab.  Science & Creativity Annual Conference 2011. Seoul, Korea (Republic).

Jona, K. (September, 2011). EcoCasting: Investigating aquatic ecosystems using models. Sustaining the Blue Planet: Global Water Education Conference. Bozeman, MT.

Jona, K. (July, 2011). Remote Online Labs: A Cloud-Based Strategy for Scalable Access to Authentic STEM Learning. Lenovo ThinkTank 2011. Washington, DC.

Sauter, M., Rapp, D. N., Uttal, D., Jona, K., Skolnik, J., & Roque, R. (April, 2011). Grounding students' understandings of 'doing science' in actual lab experiences. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association. New Orleans, LA.

Jona, K. (February, 2011). Building the 21st Century School Science Lab. Illinois Computing Educators Conference. St. Charles, IL.

Jona, K. (2011). Watershed Dynamics: Using online GIS tools and data analysis to investigate the water cycle. Sustaining the Blue Planet: Global Water Education Conference. Bozeman, MT.

Skolnik, J., Roque, R., Sauter, M., Jona, K., Uttal, D., & Rapp, D.N. (July, 2010). Student discourse about scientific inquiry as a function of simulated and remote learning experiences. 20th annual meeting of the Society for Text and Discourse. Chicago, IL.

Jona, K., Roque, R., Skolnik, J., Uttal, D., Rapp, D. (June, 2010). Are remote labs worth the cost? Insights from a study of student perceptions of remote labs. 2010 International Conference of Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation. Stockholm, Sweden.

GLOBE Watershed Dynamics
HP Catalyst Grant – STEM ACCESS (Access to Curriculum, Computers, and Educational STEM Solutions)
Online Earth Science Course
Reach For the Stars
YouSTEM: Interest-Driven STEM Exploration Space

Research Interests
Online learning, virtual schools, technologies to support online learning and collaboration, online laboratory science course design, corporate e-learning strategy and design.


LRN_SCI 451 Design of Inquiry-Based Learning Environments Only SOME Wednesdays: Jan 14, Feb 11, March 11, April 15. On April 15 -- Kemi will use room 301


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