Kimberly Scott

Kimberly Scott, PhD.

Director, MS in Learning and Organizational Change Program
Assistant Professor, MS in Learning and Organizational Change Program

Annenberg Hall
Room 137
2120 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208-0001
Phone: (847) 467-3102


Kimberly Scott is Assistant Professor within the School of Education and Social Policy, and Director of the Master's Program in Learning & Organizational Change and the Center for Learning & Organizational Change. She has worked with a variety of organizations and Fortune 500 companies for over fifteen years in consulting and management as an organization effectiveness expert. She worked for Hewitt Associates as a consultant and project leader for its “Best Companies to Work For” studies in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Australia and other regions around the world. She then joined the Wrigley Company to create and lead its organizational development function and help transform the organization to achieve its new strategic objectives for growth and innovation. Kimberly serves on the Board of Directors for Winning Workplaces, a national not-for-profit that helps small and midsize enterprises create great workplaces.

Curriculum Vitae

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  • 2001 - Willliam A. Owens Scholarly Achievement Award, Best Org. Behavior article in IO Psychology
  • 1998 - Academy of Management Organizational Behavior Division’s Award for Best Paper



Year Degree Institution
1995 PhD, Business Administration, Organizational Behavior The Ohio State University
1994 MA, Business Administration The Ohio State University
1991 BA, Psychology University of Cincinnati

Selected Publications

Fulmer, I. S., Gerhart, B. G., & Scott, K. S. (2003). “Are the 100 Best Better? An empirical investigation of the relationship between being a ‘great place to work’ and firm performance.” . Personnel Psychology.

Thoms, P., Dose, J., and Scott, K. (2002). The relationship between perceptions of accountability, trust in management, and job satisfaction.. Human Resource Development Quarterly.

Thoms, P., Wolper, P., Scott, K., and Jones, D. (2001). The relationship between immediate turnover and employee theft in the restaurant industry.. Journal of Business and Psychology..

Greenberg, J. G., Lind, A., Scott, K. S., & Welchans. T (2000). The winding road from employee to complainant: Situational and Psychological Determinants of Wrongful Termination Claims.. Administrative Science Quarterly..

Gubman, E. L., & Scott, K. S. (1999). The talent solution for growth.. ACA Journal.

Scott, K. S., Moore, K. S., & Miceli, M. P. (1997). An exploration of the meaning and consequences of workaholism.. Human Relations Journal..

Thoms, P., Moore, K.S., and Scott, K.S. (1996). The relationship between the Big Five personality dimensions and self-managed work group efficacy.. Journal of Organizational Behavior..

Greenberg, J. G., & Scott, K. S. (1996). Why do workers bite the hands that feed them? Employee theft as a social exchange process. in B. M. Staw & L. L. Cummings, Research in Organizational Behavior  JAI Press.

Research Interests

Improving workplace environments and practices that foster employee wellness, learning and success; relationships between organizational practices and individual engagement and well-being; transitions of individuals into leadership roles and how learning techniques can be designed to accelerate leadership development.



MS_LOC 410


MS_LOC 462

Capstone 2: Design and Measurement


Community Service

2005 - Present Winning Workplaces, Board of Directors


Employment History

Consultant, Hewitt Associates
Organizational Effectiveness and Human Resources Consultant; Communications Consultant; Project leader for the "Best Companies to Work For" studies in the US and internationally

Wm. WRIGLEY Jr. Company
Manager, Organizational Development

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