Mindy Douthit

Mindy Douthit

Lecturer, SESP Undergraduate Program
Instructor, MS in Learning and Organizational Change Program


Mindy Douthit brings both professional and academic expertise in the areas of organizational development and change and social network analysis.  She spent several years with Anderson Consulting working in the areas of organization analysis and design, human-computer interaction, and training design and development.  As Manager with The International Forum, she designed senior executive educational programs for a global clientele.  She holds a PhD in Organization Theory and Strategy from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Her research and teaching interests include organizational change and innovation, entrepreneurship, competitive strategy and cooperative behavior within organizations.

Curriculum Vitae

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Year Degree Institution
2000 PhD, Organizational Theory University of Chicago
2000 MBA, Management University of Chicago
1992 BS, Business Miami University



LOC 306

Studies in Organizational Change Organizations are ubiquitous. For most of us, our initial encounter with the world is in an organization – a hospital. We spend the bulk of our childhood and adolescence attending another organization – the school. Most Americans – approximately 90% — will work in an organization as distinct from being self-employed. Organizations are a fixture in our lives at an early age. The ubiquity of organizations is such that we often take them for granted, rarely stopping to consider how they influence our lives. Organizational change has garnered considerable attention from academics, private consultants and policy-makers. This interest cuts across organizational sectors— for-profit, non-profit, and government organizations. This class focuses on organizational change. Studies in Organizational Change is an advanced course in the Learning & Organizational Change major designed to introduce students to key constructs and ideas about change in organizations. The class is organized as follows: We will begin with a discussion of the notion of change in general and organizational change in particular. We will identify four levels of analysis that scholars who study organizational change focus on – individual, group, organization, and institution. We will then examine different levers or resources for organizational change including – routines, human capital, social capital, technology, culture, identity and organizational environments. We will conclude by considering LOC 306, Fall 2010 how these resources interact with aspects of the organization such as time and developmental stage. Throughout the class, students will be expected to constantly apply the constructs and ideas to particular cases of organizational change.

MS_LOC 455

Social Network Analysis in LOC

MS_LOC 461

Capstone 1: Intro to Research Methods

SESP 387

Practicum in Human Development: Learning & Organizational Change

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