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Laura Salus
Executive Assistant to the Dean
ph 847/491-3828

SESP Faculty Committee List

Directory of Administrative and Program Offices


Office of the Dean back to top
Dean, David Figlio 491-8193
Executive Assistant to the Dean, Laura Salus 491-3828
Associate Dean, Coleen Coleman 467-1417
Research Administration back to top
Assistant Dean, Jeanne Hughes 491-5549
Senior Research Administrator, Carmen Elizabeth Robinson Miner 467-4034
Associate Research Administrator, Matthew Wagner 491-4524
Business and Finance / HR back to top
Director of Business and Finance, Annie Kerins 491-6161
Director of Administration, Beth McDonald 467-1228
Communication and Outreach back to top
Director, Julie Deardorff 467-3147
Administration, Business Support, Facilities back to top
Program Assistant, Katie Mumma 491-8193
Administrative Assistant, Jenna Weitz 467-2819
Information Technology back to top
Director, Mike Hannen 467-3833
Senior IT Consultant, Ryan Nix 467-3855
Senior Web Application Developer, Matthew Rich 467-2819
Senior Web Designer, Steve Drey 467-2939
User Support Specialist, Russell Gillespie 467-3819
Technical Support Specialist, Pauline Kenly 467-7625
Developer Lead, Larry Brown 467-6340
School of Education and Social Policy Executive Committee back to top
Jon Guryan 467-3573
Uri Wilensky 467-3818
Mike Horn 467-3861
Bruce Sherin (CHAIR) 467-2405
Emma Adam 467-2010
Mesmin Destin 467-2824
Office of Student Affairs and Undergraduate Programs back to top
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Susan Olson 491-4663
Adviser, Human Development and Psychological Services, Susan Olson 491-4663
Adviser, Learning and Organizational Change, Shelena Johnson 491-5390
Adviser, Social Policy, Ken Powers 467-2789
Adviser, SESP Practicum, Civic Engagement, and Field Studies, Nathan Frideres 491-5383
Adviser, Learning Sciences, Caitlin Burnett 467-7528
Program Coordinator, Jasmine Tucker 491-4482
Human Development and Social Policy (PhD) back to top
General Inquiries 491-4329 Director, Faculty Support and Doctoral Student Affairs, Megan Redfearn 467-6519
Program Administrator, Stacey Korycki 491-7494
Program Administrator, Mark Glenn 491-4329
Faculty Program Coordinator, Jon Guryan 467-3573
Learning Sciences (PhD and MA) back to top
General Inquiries 491-7494
PhD Program Coordinator, Mike Horn 467-3861
MA Program Coordinator, David Rapp 467-1871
MA Program Assistant, Stacey Korycki 491-7494
Learning and Organizational Change (MS) back to top
General Inquiries 491-7376
Director, Kimberly Scott 467-3102
Associate Director, Jeff Merrell 467-5292
Assistant Director, Diane Knoepke 467-1481
Program Assistant, Joanna Lasso 491-7376
Program Assistant, Jennifer Pasek 491-7376
Education and Social Policy (Teacher Education) (MS) back to top
General Inquiries 467-1458
Director, Tim Dohrer 467-4831
Program Administrator, Brad Wadle 491-3829
Program Assistant, Leslie Lepeska 491-3617
Adviser, Secondary Teaching/Manager Teacher Certification, Meg Kreuser 491-5362
Higher Education Administration and Policy (MS) back to top
General Inquiries 467-1485
Director, Lois Trautvetter 491-3901
Assistant Director, Mark Hoffman 491-4620
Program Assistant, Jeanine Breen 467-2656
Center for Talent Development back to top
General Inquiries 491-3782
Director, Paula Olszewski-Kubilius 491-3782
Accelerated Weekend Experience 491-3782 x4
Civic Education Project 467-2572
Midwest Academic Talent Search 491-3782 x3
Gifted LearningLinks 491-3782 x5
Project Excite 491-3854
Saturday Enrichment Program 491-3782 x4
Summer Programs 491-3782 x2