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Contact Us

Laura Salus
Executive Assistant to the Dean
ph 847/491-3828

Karen Kellams
Senior Project Coordinator
ph 847/467-2819

Carrie Gibson
Program Assistant
ph 847/491-8193

The Dean's Office administrative team helps manage the daily operations of SESP. This includes the management of Annenberg Hall itself.

SESP Locations

School of Education
and Social Policy

Walter Annenberg Hall
2120 Campus Drive
Evanston, Illinois 60208

Northwestern Academy

Abbott Hall 
710 N. Lakeshore Drive.
16th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60611

MS in Higher Education Administration and Policy

1800 Sherman Ave. 
Suite 7300
Evanston, Illinois 60201

MS in Learning and Organizational Change 

1800 Sherman Ave. 
Suite 3500
Evanston, Illinois 60201

MS in Education

618 Garrett Place
Evanston, Illinois 60208

Center for Talent Development

617 Dartmouth
625 Colfax
625 Noyes
Evanston, Illinois 60208

How to Reserve a Classroom or Meeting Space

To reserve a space in Annenberg Hall, you may use our room reservation system.

View more information about our Learning Spaces.

Space Assignments

Space is assigned to faculty in the School of Education and Social Policy on the basis of need for research. Beyond the start-up period for new faculty, external sponsorship of research represents a significant factor in the allocation of space to faculty and their projects. Space allocations are reviewed annually, typically during the late spring/early summer, to establish a space allocation plan for the fall of the next academic year. Requests to accommodate new projects and research staff hires off cycle (during the academic year) are addressed as they arise. Faculty who anticipate new funded projects and/or hires should notify Laura Salus six to eight weeks prior to the required start date.

How to Make a Building Service Request

If you notice a building problem in Annenberg Hall, you can contact the Dean's Office at 847/491-8193 or via e-mail by contacting Karen Kellams. The Dean's Office will then contact facilities and request the matter be addressed.

The Center for Talent Development contact for a building service request is Gail Ivanauskas, 847/491-8905.

In case of an emergency (e.g., a flooded bathroom on Saturday), please contact Facilities Management directly at 847/491-5201.


Periodically, because of student and staff turnover, occupants will be moved to new offices. Typically, a group of professional movers will spend one day in Annenberg Hall, usually early September in preparation for a new academic year, moving graduate students and staff to new offices and helping to move in new faculty. Laura Salus will announce the date and coordinate the move, and you are free to make furniture or moving requests. If you wish to have furniture moved throughout the year, please e-mail Laura Salus. We group requests together for efficiency, and will notify you of the schedule for completing your request.

How to get Reimbursed

Human Development and Social Policy and Learning Sciences faculty and students can submit their purchasing, reimbursement, and contractor requests through the financials portal.


Permanent keys

To request a permanent key, whether a Marlok (used for classrooms and meeting spaces) or a traditional key, you will need to fill out the appropriate key request form. Key request forms are located in 254 Anneberg Hall. Because it can take several weeks to make keys, it's best to stop by and fill out your key form as soon in advance as possible.

Temporary keys

If you forgot your office key at home or need to access a room that you are not assigned a permanent key for, you may borrow from the key box in 254 Annenberg Hall. The Dean's Office keeps on hand keys to almost all spaces in Annenberg Hall. You simply sign the key form and borrow the key you need. When you borrow a key from the key box, you are expected to return the key with in 24 hours unless other arrangements have been made with the Dean's Office.


To report an equipment problem, please dial 611 from the phone that is affected. Any upgrades to phones, extension reassignments or requests should be directed to Karen Kellams.

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