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Laura Salus
Executive Assistant to the Dean
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Karen Kellams
Senior Project Coordinator
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Your Web Profile

Tenure Line Faculty: 

1. Go to the NU Sites login page.

2. Login to the site with your netID and password.

3. First time? Email Emiliano Bache Rodriguez to let them know you have logged in. They will add you as the administrator to your site.

4. Go to your profile and you will be able to edit.  

5.  Follow this Training Guide to begin editing your profile page. It will help get you up and running. Below are a few specific guides that you may want use:

Those of you who have emailed your profile updates to program assistants in the past can continue to do this. Each degree program will have a designated person who will be able to help update your faculty profile content.

Need help? Please reach out to Emiliano Bache Rodriguez.

All other Faculty:

To request a new faculty web profile listing, fill out the form by clicking the link below:

SESP New Faculty Web Profile Request

To request an edit to an existing faculty web profile listing, fill out the form by clicking the link below:

SESP Faculty Web Profile Edit Request


To request a new staff web profile listing, fill out the form by clicking the link below:

SESP New Staff Web Profile Request 


All faculty, staff an, students are assigned a phone extension upon arrival at SESP and after a NetID has been activated. To report an equipment problem, please dial 611 from the phone that is affected. Voicemail is also set up the same time a new line is activated; instructions are e-mailed to the individual. Any upgrades to phones, extension reassignments or voicemail resets, or other telephone-related requests should be directed to Laura Salus.


Permanent keys

To request a permanent key, whether a Marlok (used for classrooms and meeting spaces) or a traditional key, you will need to fill out the appropriate key request form. Key request forms are located in 254 Annenberg Hall. Because keys can take several weeks to make, it's best to stop by and fill out your form as soon as you know you will need a key.

Temporary keys

If you forgot your office key at home or need to access a room that you are not assigned a permanent key for, you can use the key box located in 254 Annenberg Hall. We keep on hand keys to almost all spaces in Annenberg Hall. You simply sign the key form and borrow the key you need. When you borrow a key from the key box, you are expected to return the key within 24 hours unless other arrangements have been made with the Dean's Office.


Your program administrator can help you order any supplies you may need for your office.

Onboarding/Offboarding Forms

These forms are essential to make sure new hire receives everything they need in a timely fashion, as well as to ensure that the offboarding process takes place efficiently. Link to SESP forms for new employees and offboarding.

help desk

Need IT Help? Open a Help Desk Ticket

Help desk ticket service allows you direct communication with the IT team, to ensure your issue is resolved in a timely and efficient manner.