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Jeanne Hughes
Assistant Dean
ph 847/491-5549

Carmen Robinson Miner
Senior Research Administrator
ph 847/467-4034

Matthew Wagner
Associate Research Administrator
ph 847/491-4524

Research administrators in the Dean's Office are available to support faculty, students and staff in obtaining and managing external funding. Services include prospecting for funding opportunities, proposal development, establishment of awards, research project staffing and personnel issues, post-award management of funds, and award close-out.

All proposals for funding from external entities must be routed through Northwestern's Office for Research. This routing is overseen by the SESP research support team. The steps outlined below provide the basic framework for this process:

Proposal Development Steps

  • Notify research administrator.
  • Carefully review funding solicitation.
  • Develop scope of work and determine if subcontracting or cost sharing is involved.
  • Establish and notify project team (proposed senior personnel).
  • Five business days prior to deadline the following administrative components must be completed, and PI signs internal routing documents:
    • Budget
    • Justification
    • Current and pending (if applicable)
    • Biosketch/CV
    • Facilities and resources
    • Subcontract documents
    • Data management plan (if applicable)
    • Mentoring post-doc plan ((if applicable – NSF proposals)
    • Supplement docs (letters of support)
  • Two business days prior to deadline, finalize and submit all remaining proposal documents.
  • Review final draft and approve proposal submission.