Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Masters in Learning Sciences laptop

Nine Courses + Resident Master's Study

The Master of Arts program entails a four-quarter sequence over 11 months. Throughout three quarters, students take nine project-based courses from Learning Sciences and departments across the university. Four required courses represent the three strands of cognition, sociocultural context and design. Four other courses are selected from Learning Sciences electives or other graduate courses that are relevant to students' particular academic and professional goals. One independent study is required in the spring to prepare for the master's project. During the final summer quarter, students complete an independent master’s project, a practical application of the theory learned in previous quarters. Studies culminate in an exit interview and presentation of the master's portfolio, an integrated reflection on learning sciences theory and its application in course and project work.

Course Requirements

Foundational Courses

Two required

  • LRN_SCI 403:Foundations of the Learning Sciences - Fall
  • LRN_SCI 425:Introduction to Design for the Learning Sciences - Fall

Design Courses

One or more of the following

  • LRN_SCI 429:Design of Learning Environments - Spring
  • LRN_SCI 426:Design of Technological Tools for Thinking and Learning - Winter

Social Context Courses

One or more of the following

  • LRN_SCI 451:Culture, Curriculum and Achievement - Fall
  • LRN_SCI 402:Social Dimensions of Teaching and Learning - Spring

Master’s Project

One course and one non-credit summer study

  • LRN_SCI 499:Independent Study - Spring
  • TGS 588:Resident Master’s Study - Summer

Elective Courses

Four selected from LRN_SCI or relevant fields with coordinator’s approval

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