Creating and Sharing Knowledge

Creating and Sharing Knowledge

This course explores enterprise social networking technology and its impact on organizational knowledge and organizational learning in the workplace. The course will introduce theory, concepts and frameworks to help you understand knowledge sharing and learning within communities and networks of practitioners,  the unique attributes of social networking technology as it applies to organizations, and current uses of network technology to change the way people work or learn (i.e., crowdsourcing and personal learning networks). Finally, you will learn to apply course concepts through prototyping, class projects and business cases.

Upcoming Sessions

Fall Quarter

Designing for Organizational Effectiveness certificate (DOEC) candidates take MSLOC 430 in the Fall Quarter as the first course in the DOEC sequence. See Course Schedule for the most recent class dates and times.

Note that this course is also offered in Winter Quarter for MSLOC degree candidates who live in the Chicago area.


  1. Social-practice perspectives of organizational knowledge and learning
  2. Enterprise social networking technologies
  3. Communities and networks in organizations
  4. Innovative models (MOOCs, communities, personal learning networks, crowdsourcing, narrating-your-work)
  5. Prototyping new models
  6. Assessing opportunities for new digital solutions to organizational challenges
  7. Aligning digital solutions to strategic organizational challenges


  • Understand perspectives on organizational knowledge and organizational learning and how these perspectives impact approaches to creating and sharing knowledge
  • Use an approach to look at enterprise technologies that softens the perception of complexity and continuous change
  • Develop your personal digital literacy
  • Use MSLOC design process to develop a technology solution to a strategic organizational challenge


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