Designing Organizations

Designing Organizations

This course provides an extended look at the concepts and frameworks commonly used by organization design practitioners and talent management leaders. Exploring these models highlights how to facilitate a organizational redesign, including how to diagnose the system, imagine design possibilities, and construct processes for change. You will apply these concepts to business/non-profit cases to increase your ability to facilitate the work of leadership teams in solving implementation challenges posed by a variety of strategic imperatives.

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Winter Quarter

Designing for Organizational Effectiveness certificate (DOEC) candidates take MSLOC 435 in Winter Quarter as the second course in the DOEC sequence. See Course Schedule for recent course dates and times.


  1. Organizational Design Models and Their Essential Components
  2. Cultural Contexts for Design
  3. Building Blocks of Organizational Design
  4. Human Factors
  5. Talent Management Issues
  6. Employee Value Propositions
  7. Relationship between Organizational Design and Culture
  8. Measurement Processes and Strategies


  • Gain experience diagnosing and designing with consideration for an organization's strategy, politics, culture, talent and key processes
  • Develop awareness about yourself as an organization design practitioner and learn skills that will help effectively enter strategy and design conversations
  • Understand how talent management can be aligned with strategy and organization design
  • Know which metrics are used for organization design and talent, specifically related to high potential talent tracking and succession planning


Professional experience with organizational strategy; OR MSLOC 431: Leading with Strategic Thinking; OR and equivalent graduate-level strategy course

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