Evaluating Evidence for Organizational Performance

Evaluating Evidence for Organizational Performance

This course provides an overview of culture, engagement, and organizational networks. You will explore how these approaches can be used to analyze and solve organizational challenges within the context of shifting organizational structures, new ways of working, and the increasing availability of organizational data. For the final team case project, you will integrate interpret culture, engagement, and social network analysis data and make evidence-based recommendations to senior leadership in support of change.

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Spring Quarter

Designing for Organizational Effectiveness (DOEC) candidates take MSLOC 455 in Spring Quarter as the third course in the DOEC sequence. See Course Schedule for recent class dates and times.


  1. Evidence-based Decision-making and Problem-solving
  2. Organizational Culture
  3. Employee Engagement
  4. Social Network Analysis
  5. Applying Analytics to Solve Organizational Challenges
  6. Analytics and Ethics
  7. Audience-Focused Data Presentation


  • Gain experience interpreting and integrating data from culture, engagement, and social network analysis surveys
  • Examine and apply culture, engagement, and social network analysis concepts, theories, and metrics used within organizations
  • Build skills for generating evidence-based insights to offer practical recommendations about organizational issues
  • Practice presenting to an executive-level audience, including effectively framing a problem and persuasively making recommendations

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