Executing Strategic Change

Executing Strategic Change

This course prepares you with fundamental change management frameworks, concepts and models.  You will learn how to apply these models along with other key topics to several real world case studies that bring the theories to life.  By the end of the course, you'll know what makes strategic change successful and what hinders it, or causes it to fail.  You'll be able to apply a practitioner lens to many different organizational contexts.  

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Summer Quarter

Leading Equity & Inclusion in Organizations (LEIO) candidates take MSLOC 440 in Summer quarter as the first course in the LEIOC sequence. See Course Schedule for recent class dates and times.


  1. Organizational Culture
  2. Stakeholder analysis
  3. Change agents and change roles
  4. Change models/frameworks
  5. An organization's change timeline and stages
  6. Developing and tracking metrics on change initiatives


  • Apply your knowledge of organizations, learning and strategic change concepts to independently analyze, diagnose and respond to potential barriers during the implementation and adoption phases of a change.
  • Understand the challenges and complexities of incorporating significant change at the individual, team and organizational levels.
  • Learn to anticipate and identify potential reactions to change in order to build the proper change process and interventions.


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