Leading Global Change

Leading Global Change

This course will build on what you learned in MSLOC 440 Executing Strategic Change and help you apply change leadership frameworks/models to complex, cross-cultural organizational challenges. You'll begin by increasing self-awareness through the use of the COI (Cultural Orientation Indicator) and CQ (Cultural Intelligence) assessments. This allows you to broaden your knowledge about cultural differences and the impact of bias at work. This knowledge-base will provide insights about how leaders navigate cultural differences in increasingly global and diverse organizations. The final project includes developing a change process and plan for a multinational organization.

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Fall Quarter

Leading Equity & Inclusion in Organizations (LEIO) candidates take MSLOC 442 in Fall Quarter as the second course in the LEIOC sequence. See Course Schedule for recent class dates and times.


  1. COI & CQ Assessments - Individual differences across cultures in preferences, styles, and personality
  2. Developing a global mindset
  3. Bias and stereotype in the workplace
  4. Working effectively in diverse contexts
  5. Influence without authority
  6. Change complexity when working in multinational and matrix organizations
  7. Building organizational agility, diversity, and cross-cultural competence in the workplace


  • Explain how biases, assumptions, stereotypes, and stereotype threat impact performance.
  • Apply a cross-cultural competency development framework to improve individual, team, and organizational performance in different contexts.
  • Design and modify organizational change plans to ensure successful implementation of initiatives across cultures.
  • Understand how “diversity” is defined across cultures and assess diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives for implications of implementing policies/processes in different countries. Be aware of relevant laws (e.g., EEO) and policies (e.g., affirmative action) that impact organizational interventions across countries.
  • Lead culture change from the “inside” and “outside” (e.g., consultant vs. internal practitioner; majority vs. minority culture—e.g., local vs. headquarter) 


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