Building Positive Change Capability, One Individual at a Time

Building Positive Change Capability, One Individual at a Time

Innovator Talk by: Jesse Newton (MSLOC 2011)

Happiness has been identified as leading to a number of positive outcomes, including increased productivity, innovation, enhanced health, energy and general well-being. Through research from the fields of positive psychology and neuroscience there is also a clear connection between happiness and change capability. By helping people shift their thinking to the positive, organizations can begin to transform their ability to adopt change in a more sustainable way.

About Jesse Newton

Jesse Newton is an Associate at Booz & Company and has consulted around the world and in a number of industries, including airline, real estate, banking, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, home security and mining. As a change management consultant, Jesse has expertise in designing and executing comprehensive change management strategies that target the vital behaviors that enable sustainable change. His passion lies in revealing the hidden potential in people through shifting thinking to the positive.

Video from Innovator Talk series presented at MSLOC 10th Anniversary Celebration in May 2012.

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