(D) Evolving Toward the Future

(D) Evolving Toward the Future

Innovator Talk by: Jason Becker (MSLOC 2011)

Progress, innovation and change often rely more on devolution than on evolution. For companies, this means getting rid of certain products or services that become less relevant in order to lean into the future. The journey of devolution en route to evolution is grueling, emotional and rewarding all at the same time. Learn how Remember.com devolved towards its current state and its future. 

About Jason Becker

Jason Becker is an entrepreneur, co-founder of both Remember.com and Dreamt.it. Remember.com is an open memory bank designed to preserve the memories of any person, place or topic in the world. Dreamt.it is an app designed to help individuals capture and share memories from their nightly dreams. He was an organizational change principal consultant with West Monroe Partners (a Chicago-based consultancy) prior to attending MSLOC and starting Remember.com. Jason consulted with clients in private equity, healthcare and product development to implement new business models, learning strategies, process improvements and communication plans.

Video from Innovator Talk series presented at MSLOC 10th Anniversary Celebration in May 2012.

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