It's More than Wearing Black: What the Design Profession Can Show Us About Creativity

It's More than Wearing Black: What the Design Profession Can Show Us About Creativity

Innovator Talk by: Maggie Lewis (MSLOC 2008)

It has been seven years since Daniel Pink was credited with announcing that the MFA is the new MBA and still more research on creativity continues to fascinate organizations looking to foster innovation. What do designers know about creativity that "MBAs" might not? Through practical experience, Maggie will share insights into the designer's process.

About Maggie Lewis

At Studio Blue Maggie Lewis has found a way to embrace her curiosity for learning and fostering understanding. Combining theory and practice, Maggie employs principles of learning and strategic change to help organizations think differently about who they are and where they are going. Her expertise and education is in understanding an organization’s complexity, bridging design and business thinking so that humans, those who make and run organizations, deliver results that further an institution’s aims. She has broad knowledge in strategy and management with depth in branding and marketing communications planning, design and implementation. As a partner at Studio Blue, she leads teams from assessment through problem definition, intervention design and implementation, combining the innovative process of design thinking with principles of adult learning, team dynamics and organizational change. She has served on the board of AIGA Chicago and is an active volunteer.

Video from Innovator Talk series presented at MSLOC 10th Anniversary Celebration in May 2012.

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