MS Learning and Organizational Change People On The Move - April 2015

MS Learning and Organizational Change People On The Move - April 2015

Congratulations to Master of Science in Learning and Organizational Change leaders who are on the move.

MSLOC students, faculty and alumni are change leaders who work in diverse organizational settings and roles. They advance in their careers by leveraging the strong MSLOC network, MSLOC career services and the leadership and strategic thinking skills developed during their time in the program. Many of our students don't wait for graduation to move into new roles -- after just a few classes they are often recognized within their organizations as transformational change agents and strategic partners with a unique point of view.

Over the past three years, 55% of MSLOC part-time students who are working full-time receive promotions while they are students in the program. 92% of full-time students pursuing human capital consulting jobs graduate with a job.

Jesse Newton

Jesse Newton (MSLOC 2011) is now Managing Director and Founder of NOD Consulting Network LLC. Jesse left Booz & Company as a senior member of their People & Change consulting practice to establish his new firm. NOD Consulting Network is a network of premier independent Human Capital and Organization Development consultants. This new consulting model makes it easier for clients to access leading consulting expertise without the big consulting firm price tags. It also helps great independent consultants to find interesting project work. Many of Jesse’s MSLOC colleagues in HR leadership roles have already benefited from this new expertise model.

At the MSLOC 10th Anniversary Celebration in 2012, Jesse gave an innovator talk exploring the connection between happiness and change capability: Building Positive Change Capability, One Individual at a Time

Brad BeckerIn 2013, Brad Becker (MSLOC 2011) co-founded doc&i with the hope of shifting the way medical professionals think about and make critical decisions about pharmaceuticals. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Brad worked for GSK as a pharmaceutical sales executive and district trainer for almost nine years. Brad is now the CEO of doc&i, a software company that bridges the relationship between the pharmaceutical and the medical community by providing medication pricing and coverage transparency to physicians. This allows physicians to prescribe and recommend the best and most cost effective prescriptions to their patients, preventing overpayment.

Brad credits the MSLOC program with helping him understand how difficult change can be. Understanding the process and complexity of change keeps him motivated to continue on his mission to change the current mindset and behaviors of doctors, payors, pharmacy benefit management programs, patients and pharmacies related to pharmaceuticals. He actively applies what he learned in the MSLOC program about knowledge management and strategic change to demonstrate the industry need for doc&i.

Recently, doc&i has received attention as a company to watch.

Peggy Troyer 

Margaret (Peggy) Troyer (MSLOC 2013) joined Northwestern Mutual as a Human Resources Consultant in 2014. With the decision to change from an insurance company to a financial services company, Northwestern Mutual has experienced sudden growth which has called for a significant change to HR. Peggy’s role is to support Communications & Corporate Affairs, Government Relations, Strategic Philanthropy and departments in the Finance/Risk function through this HR transformation. As an HR Consultant, she is responsible for coaching people through change in an environment that has thrived in tradition, hierarchy, and service. Recently, Peggy was able to use her problem solving and consulting skills to facilitate an employee engagement impact planning session. During the session, employees took time out to examine underlying organizational issues and brainstorm possible solutions to increase employee engagement and decrease employee attrition. The results of the employee-driven plan have yet to be seen, but the sessions proved to be engaging and collaborative, empowering participants to implement change regardless of their role.

Peggy has 18 years of experience in consulting external and internal clients by developing various HR solutions in the areas of Performance Management, Talent Management, and HR process improvements. Her experience spans industries including electronics, manufacturing, telecommunications, engineering, insurance, energy and medical products.

Read Peggy’s MSLOC masters research project: Resilience and Commitment After a Merger or Acquisition

Will Leahy 

Will Leahy (MSLOC Student) has landed his dream job as a Consultant within LinkedIn's Customer Success organization. In this role, he lives at the intersection of technology and talent acquisition as LinkedIn continues to disrupt the industry. As massive organizations completely shift their talent acquisition strategy away from agency and instead leverage LinkedIn for talent branding, recruitment, job postings, and marketing initiatives, the change management required is off the charts. This is where Will comes in to implement the LinkedIn product, help clients through the change curve, and prove ROI with analytics and quarterly business reviews. Will believes that if it were not for the thorough courses, constant support, and amazing community found at MSLOC, this job would still be just a dream.

Cathy BarreraCathy Barrera (MSLOC student) has been promoted to Director of Research Administration for Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science. In this role, Cathy leads the strategic management and day-to-day operations of the Office of Research Administration, overseeing research administration for eight academic departments and several research centers, representing over 180 faculty members. In this role, Cathy will lead the school in developing best practices, strategy and policy, while ensuring the highest compliance standards are met. She attributes much of her success to her MSLOC experiences. The coaching and adult learning skills she has acquired have given her the confidence to lead and development such a large team. In the field of research administration, which is subject to the federal environment, change is always on the horizon. However, change professionals are few and far between, so Cathy’s experiences in the MSLOC program have been incredibly valuable.

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